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Friday, September 13, 2013

4 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read


Again, another Friday

I never like Fridays, They were and are so boring. I wish you like Fridays.

Well, here is list of my favorite article.

Have a good holidays

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4 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

BY Lewis Howes

The greatest lessons you'll ever learn will most likely be from your own experience. But entrepreneurs can also learn a lot from the advice and experiences of others, as long as we allow ourselves to be teachable.

Perhaps you were in grade school the last time you heard this but it's as true today as it was back then: one of the best ways to gain information, inspiration and education is by reading books. As an entrepreneur, I've read a number that I've found invaluable to my professional success.

Consider the following four books your mentors and teachers as they reveal skills and lessons that can possibly shave years off your learning curve, and thousands of dollars from avoidable mistakes:

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Meet The Suggested User List in Google Plus – And How I Jumped From 4K to80K Followers in Just 4 Months

I'm a big fan of Google+, and have been from the start. I joined the first week it launched, and have been extremely active there ever since.  Since joining, I have loved the engagement, the people, the smart conversations, the functionality, etc.  In addition, I have seen the impact it can have on exposure, SEO, traffic, and credibility.

And like many others who believe in Google+, I have defended it many times.  But, I haven't defended it based on Google bias.  Instead, I base my opinion and recommendations on data, and my knowledge of how Google works.  To me, if you aren't using Google+, and you are interested in boosting your social and SEO efforts, then you are missing a huge opportunity.

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26 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

By Debbie Hemley

Are you wondering how to use images and short video to enhance your customers' experience?

Have you considered creating a brand profile on Instagram to make your brand visible to a new market?

Getting started on Instagram is fairly straightforward.

Simply sign up for an account (e.g., use the same name as your Twitter handle), add a profile photo (e.g., brand logo) and a link to your website, connect your account to Facebook and let your followers know they can follow you there.

It's what to do next that presents a difficulty for many brands.

What follows are 26 tips and brand examples, an A-Z guide, for capitalizing on a business presence on Instagram.
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Co-founders of 'ZinePak Brittany Hodak (age 29) and Kim Kaupe (age 27)
image credit: 'ZinePak

Top 30 Startups to Watch

​  ​
Being an entrepreneur is tough. Having your startup make it past year one is even more so and generating revenue can at times seem next to impossible. So, for those startups that have successfully gotten over these humps -- and made it look easy -- we want to celebrate you.

With the help of Empact, a Princeton, N.J.-based company focused on supporting young founders, Entrepreneur cobbled together a list of 30 startups we think are not only unique and worth keeping an eye on, but also have a shot at leaving a big, bold mark on the world

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Need an estimate for how much it may cost to make your mobile or web app? Just answer a few simple questions and How Much to Make an App will spit out an estimate for you. Use that to get a baseline idea for how much you should pay a developer, or find a pre-screened developer right on ooomf

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Perhaps you are skeptical about how social media use can improve your chances to land a new job. After all, the traditional media never hesitate to showcase people who make mistakes using Facebook and Twitter, causing them to lose their employment. It's likely you've barely even heard of Google+; what can this network possibly offer job seekers?

Popular Stories

​

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Google+Pinterest with Peg Fitzpatrick

In case you didn't know, there are great synergies between Google+ and Pinterest, which Peg Fitzpatrick and myself are going to explore in this hangout. Among the topics we plan to cover…

  • using the  #pinoftheday  hashtag
  • cross-promoting content on Google+ and Pinterest
  • directing traffic between the two networks and your own website
​

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CreatePosts People Want To Share

Are you still trying to find the right formula for making your Facebook posts more shareable? In this eBook, we dive into the latest research on Facebook's emerging marketing ecosystem and highlight key tips and strategies for creating highly shareable posts.  We'll also discuss mistakes that make many posts unshareable.
This eBook will show you how to create posts that more people will want to share and includes:

  • Facebook post best practices
  • Real Facebook case studies
  • Research on how people interact on Facebook

Free Guide: Creating Contagious Content for Facebook
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Stuff we like 12 September 2013

Posted by Saby Salvatierra on 12 September 2013

Matt Cutts told it straight in his latest YouTube video on what to do if you think your site's been badly hit by Panda. The core message is that you need to produce high quality, unique and compelling content to the standard of a published book or magazine.

If you're as big a fan of Instagram as me, then you may be interested to know that Instagram has reached 150 million active users a month! They just seem to be growing and growing, especially since they began competing with Vine with their short clip videos.

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