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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thank you

Hi everyone!

I do know that I promised to stay up to date, but I was ill last week and I ate nothing for three days. I was disappointed and depressed and wanted to write nothing, to forget this blog,

But when I remembered it, I was crying. finally, Thursday I realized that I love my blog and I can't forget it, even if they are kidding me, therefore I decide to write again, but I don't write about increase of prices again,..

Now, I do know that someone don't like it, therefore it’s better that we hide the truth, then I say everything is great here.

However, I thank you and also Mozilla-when I read its newsletter I remember that now is a new year and I must begin a new way-and Google for its e-books. I wish that you help me and correct my mistakes, also I hope I would soon be able to write well, and no mistake.

                  Best regards
                 Mary Tinat

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Five years

What a surprise!

Nothing ever is 

This isn't a race,

I'd live every moment,
The same again if given the chance.
There's no finish line,
Just a hole in the ground,
I'm in no hurry to be going down,
I like where I am,
It's what I'm meant to be,
Not much, I just want to be free.

Mamma won't you tell me,

How it’s meant to be?
Now you've gotten away from here,
This is it,
Is if how you thought it?
Nothing ever is.

The borders are controlled,

Like the principal of time,
There's no getting a way,
With a second in mind,
Give me direction,
To make me guilt free,
Take away the thoughts,
That has been put in to me.

Mamma won't you tell me,
How it's meant to be?
How you've gotten away from here,
This is it,
Is it how you thought it?
Nothing ever is.

            FIVE YEARS  by JEREMY DAY

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The little lie-3

Dear Parmis

This is continuous of my memory.
       A man was standing there, as soon as he saw us, he said the woman you should not allow your daughter to work at this place. The woman was surprised and said: “what are you saying? I don’t understand”.
      The man said here is an office and everyone come here, he was wondered, while they were talking together, I left immediately there and went in office. I talked to manager; he was a handsome man with blue eyes. He said me that I should sell their stuff to every store and I accepted it. 
     It was the shortest work that I had it. I worked there only two days. I got up every morning and from morning to night I was looking for a customer; I went to every store until I would sell my stuff. All of them were kind towards me, but I could not find even one customer, because of I was shy. Everywhere I went; they advised me to give up my job and went to university, but I do not want it; I need to a work; some offered me another jobs.
    Finally, I decided to leave my work, I talked to my manager, he suggested me to stay there for a short time, but I did not accept it. It was my story of my lie. That day I was so embarrassed and I promised myself that don’t tell lie and I ‘m trying to do it .although it isn’t easy. 
  However, I dislike lies and like honest people. Recently I found an Internet
marketer .he makes video for YouTube .his name is Gideon Shalwick  .At the first I sent him an e-mail with a different name I thought that my name is not very important for learning his lessons, but when I received my reply, I saw that he wrote my really name ( I already have sussed that he knew my name ) I didn't tell him about it, but I understood that he is a honest person and honesty is always good, although I understand that I shouldn't  always tell truth today, sometimes we must hide the truth.
If you want to learn how make a video , you can watch his video here:

Don't remember that you write your really name.

                         Best wishes 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Internet marketing Gameplane


Essentially, there are a number of different forms that your products can take. We will first look at the formats and them we will brain storm examples of the different formats.


The book is the oldest information product available. Today the physical book has mostly been superseded by a digital product also known as an “eBook”.
The most common form is a PDF document which can be read by anyone with a computer. People who do not have the Microsoft Word program (or similar) on their computer may not be able to read the PDF for free.
After creating your mast5er piece in a word processor such as Microsoft Word , there are many programs that are available to simply convert that document into a PDF at the click at a button. These programs are free.
This is important because people cannot easily edit a PDF like they can a Microsoft Word document. Most free programs will not allow adequate protection of the document, which means that people could convert the PDF to some other format and edit it that way. There are commercial programs such as Adobe that will allow you to protect your content.

For many years, the written word reigned supreme .However in recent times; video products have made the greatest impact. All of today’s top marketers produce video products. This is because customers would much prefer to watch an hour long video than spend a day reading the PDF.

It is also much easier to show your customers step-by-step what you are trying to teach them. Videos also have the highest perceived value. You can often sell a video version of the PDF for 10 times more.

Almost every successful internet marketer today produces screen capture video. There is fantastic software available that allows you to record everything that you see and hear on your computer screen. The  most popular form that this takes is creating a PowerPoint presentation and then recording the screen while recoding the audio and then producing a video .For internet marketing applications, one can show customers exactly how one performs certain functions .Very powerful stuff!

If you are going to create videos you really should consider investing in commercial screen capture software. Techsmith produces the premier product called Camtasia, which is available for PC and Mac. The videos that you are can download for free with this book were produced using Camtasia.

You can download the videos here:

Monday, January 14, 2013

A little lie-2

Hi Parmis

This is continuation of memory. 

     I asked them with a low voice: “Excuse me, Where is Soqrat intersection?” One of them said:"Sohrab intersection, I go there,too"

    I thought myself that she knew sh pharmacy, therefore I said again: “do you know a pharmacy there?” She told me there is a pharmacy, and then she told me: “where are you going to go?”
I didn’t know what I say. I was embarrassing to look for job, therefore I said, I went to our relative home, this was my lie. She was surprised and said: “They are very carefree and they should give you right address” I wanted to laugh at her but I couldn’t.

    When we arrived at the right station; she told me that her house was here .suddenly I become a poor person. I was very soon as we got off the bus; I saw the pharmacy and sign of office. I was happy and told her: “thanks, I can go myself.” But she didn’t leave me.

How do you think about? What do I do?

                          Best wishes 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A little lie-1

Hi Parmis

      You know that the prices are increasing and we should increase our income, therefore I’m reading an e-book about Internet marketing. Its name is “The Internet marketing Game plan” by “James Molfetas”. There is useful information about ways for making money by Internet. some chapters are about marketing, when I have read these chapters , I have remembered a memory about myself, marketing and a lie, Now I would like to write it.

     When I was 18 years old, I was looking for a good job. I was buying a newspaper and I was looking for a job in newspaper, then I called them, sometimes my little sister helped me. Oneday she told me that she found a great work and give me a piece of paper. She has written down address on it-"Next to sh  pharmacy-Soqrat intersection-Robab karim"- I look at it . ”sh Pharmacy .What does this mean?” I told her. She told me that she couldn’t write all of address because she was a child, we couldn’t call the office because It was afternoon, but I decided that I go there.

The next morning I went to the work. I don’t know where is it? Therefore I asked a bus driver “how can I go to Robab Karim?” (b With a low voice) why? Because of I guessed the address was wrong.
-“Robat Karim” he said
-“Yes” I said

    Then driver explained for me that address is on the south of Tehran, It’s far from here and I had to take some buses. I thank him for his help. In before noon, I arrived at Robat karim. Now, I should find Soqrat intersection ,many women were on the bus, I decided to ask them my address ….

Well, the e-book was advised us such as: that our blog should be up to date. Therefore I decide that I become a little more update , As a result I divide my memories because I don’t want to run out of them.

                       Best wishes

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