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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

About Adsense

Dear Parmis

   I received another email from Brad Collen yesterday and I remembered about Ad Words. Then I decided to study about its sister program: Google AdSense.
Do you want to make five or ten or twenty thousand dollars a month automatically and paid by one of the biggest internet companies in the world?

   The author describes what AdSense is, and how it works, how to get started, how to maximize the program and more. If you have ever searched on Google, you have seen AdWords.

   Google AdWords are the small text ads that are displaying on the side of the search result in Google. These ads are contextual.The ads will be served based on what you’re looking for. So if you do a search on “Tennis shoes” you will get ads for “Tennis shoes” along with your search result!

   Google AdSense is an extension of Google Adwords, It takes the AdWords concept and moves it off of Google’s search page and onto displayed on the websites are Google Adwords ads.

   You can join the AdSense program and then displaying ads on your website is simple.
Advantages of Google AdSense system:
·         It is simple to use and system.
·         It is very smart about ad selection.
·         It is uses text-only ads that they equals move clicks and very “low weight’ and very fast loading. You can also use graphic and Image ads.

   Then, you are going to join the AdSense .First, Google should accept the content on your website, therefore you need at least 30 to 40 informational articles of 400 to 450 words each and updated them from time to time. There are websites that offer articles for free.

   Once you’re accepted, you want to maximize the opportunity. Your ad should look and feel like a part of your website. Place your ad in the top section of your webpages which can view without scrolling down. Then you should choose the right keywords for your webpages. Remember the goal here is clicks, not SEO ranking. Sometimes a keyword is high paying but it don’t attract clicks, relevance is more important than value. The URL of your webpage is also important, as it is on the web generally, if you change your ordinary URL to a key word rich URL relevant to your market, it is possible to raise your CTR, as much as 200% or more without doing anything else.
Also, the content on your web pages should be informative, of high quality and the ads should be relevant to the content .Placing AdSense ads on your Blogs. Blogs can be created cheaper than commercial websites.

 AdSense Revenue Exposed by:Michael Rasmussen and Jason Tarasi


Friday, February 22, 2013

Love is important

Dear Parmis
Love isn’t just a feeling we have for someone special. It’s feeling that we have for everyone who’s part of our life and fills our life with meaning.”
  These words are beautiful, while I was reading them, I remembered a memory.
  Let me tell an interesting story about my childhood. When I was eight years old, I didn’t know, meaning of many words. Sometimes, I went to the bakery and bought some bread. One day, I went there, and stood in line waiting to buy some bread. There were a few people in front of me in the line, and then I saw a little boy came there and he stood next to me. He was a beauty and he was a complete stranger for me. Also, some boys were there, they made fun of me, I didn’t worry about them, but the little boy was angry with them and advised them not to behave like that. I was surprised to behave him.
I bought my bread and I wanted to return our home, but the boy came up me and said: “Can I help you?”
I said with angry:” I don’t want your help.” Then he said again:” Do you become my girl friend?” I didn’t know, what that word meant, therefore I said: ”No”
And then the sadly boy went and abandoned me.

  I told my story at home. My mother was angry with him and told me: “you should use bad language…” Why, I didn’t know its reason.
  In the fall, I went to school .One day, my friend, Azade, said: “Don’t talk to Khojaste, she has a boy friend, because she talked to a boy.” I found out we didn’t talk to boys…
  After, I saw him with her sister in the street. I knew her sister, she was in my class, he didn’t say a word to me, and I didn’t say, too,
  Now, I know Love is very important, but I don’t like for loving in childhood, I think everything has special time.Our Lecture told us:" A really lover's dream is sacrificed for sweetheart and he is not jealous." He was a really lover and he told us his story about his love. A really love is very hard but It is possible.

      With LOVE


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Recipes&More!

Dear Parmis

  Today, I was looking for a recipe, but I found an eBook about Valentine’s Day, although this eBook offers over 100 lovely recipes, but it looks at the history and color of Valentine’s Day and more.

    I learned about history of Valentine' Day. It is very helpful and interesting. I enjoyed the e-book. This is Valentine’ Day history:

  Valentines Day started during the rule of Emperor Claudius II. Rome had been involved in many bloody and unpopular wars. Claudius the Cruel, as he was known, was having a difficult time getting soldiers to join the military. 

He believed the reason was because Roman men didn't want to leave their loves or families. As a result, Claudius cancelled all marriages and engagements in Rome.
   During this time, there was a Christian priest named Valentine who defended love in the empire. Valentine began to secretly marry couples death on February 14 in the year 270. Not even a Valentine’s card from the Emperor while in prison, LOL…well those came much later! It wasn't until hundreds of years later that Valentine's Day began to develop, as we know it.

   At the time of Valentine's death, Christianity was beginning to take control of Europe. Roman Catholism sought to do away with pagan holidays. Valentine's Day came to replace a mid-February fertility festival called Lupercalia. During Lupercalia, but in honour of the goddess Juno Februata, the names of young women were put into a box and lot drew names. The boys and girls who were matched would be considered partners for the year, which began in March. The early Roman men often wore the names of the girls who were to be their partners during the Lupercalia, pinned to their sleeves. Even today we say that a Man wears his heart upon his sleeve when he shows his interest in a lady.

  Sometimes the couple exchanged presents. Ladies often received perfumed gloves or fine jewels. After the Lupercalia became a saint's day honouring Saint Valentine, (a time for anyone looking for a mate). In the17th century a hopeful maiden ate a hard-boiled egg and pinned five bay leaves to her pillow before going to sleep on Valentine's eve. She believed this would make her dream of her future husband. Later, people began to exchange valentine cards instead of presents. The Duke of Orleans is believed to have made the first valentine card. Imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1415, he wrote love poems, or valentines," to his wife in France. It is now in the British Museum. Sweethearts exchanged handmade cards during the 17th and 18th centuries. The French trimmed huge paper hearts with yards of real lace Valentine cards became popular in the United States during the Civil War Elaborate cards trimmed with satin ribbons, mother-of-pearl ornaments, and spun glass were sold. Within a few years Valentine's Day received almost as much attention as Christmas.

 With Love

Happy Valentine's Day

I wrote this letter on Saturday, but I couldn't connect to Blogger. Now, it's Valentine's Day. This time, I don't love anyone, but I like many things, I love Google, Mozilla Firefox, You, My Family,This blog and....

Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to write Ads that attract Clicks?

Dear Parmis

   Last week, I wanted to write advertising. I didn’t know that how write it? All of a sudden I found an e-book about Ad Words .Now I think I’m ready to write Ads, but I’m still a new advertiser and I must learn more.
Before, I thought, writing Ads is very simple. Now I know it has a special way, we must write Ads that attract clicks.
   The lifeblood of any online business is website traffic. It is important. It’s determines the success of any business and this is an original question: How do we create instant website traffic? There is a system for bringing in instant traffic pay-per-click advertising (ppc), but the bad news is that 95 percent of ppc advertisers end up throwing several hundred bucks down the hole, because they don’t know how it works.

  Successful ppc campaigns are based on three things:

·         Focused Keyword Research
·         Compelling Ads
·         Effective Landing Pages

We do Keyword research to do three things for our topic.

·         Use the Keyword databases to find out if it is popular
·         Research the ppc engines and find out what the top bid prices are.
·         Go back to Keyword database and create a focused list of Keyword.

  At first we create a list of strong Keyword and then we can use these lists to write Ads that attract clicks.
  We break down an ad into 5 separate components:

·         Headline: use our main terms for ad group in headline.
·         First line :Stick your biggest ,most powerful benefit in the first line(fore example: help for help for set up a system)
·         Second line: put your most feature in this line(for example: a free report for download)
·         Display URL: put your main site url in this line
·         Destination URL: Don’t send your traffic to the main page for each type of Ad, therefore send them to specially targeted pages.(in this case, the download page for the free report)

  If you would like to read this e-book, you can follow the author on Twitter.

  Adwords :Brad Callen
   Bryxen Software, Inc.

    Wishing you only the very best


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

جایی که عشق وجود دارد، ترس معنا ندارد

جاییکه عشق وجود دارد،ترس معنایی ندارد ، از زمانیکه این جمله را در یکی از کتابهای وین دایر خواندم،چندین سال است که می گذرد.آن روز از این جمله خوشم آمد و آن را نوشتم و بر دیوار نصب کردم و هر روز به آن می نگریستم
اگر چه در ابتدا گمان می کردم که معنای این جمله را فهمیده ام ،اما اکنون بیش از گذشته معنای آن را درک می کنم، گاهی سالها طول می کشد تا معنای واقعی جمله ای را درک کنی
بعضی اوقات شخصی سعی می کند تا تمام توجه تو را به خودش معطوف سازد، اما هر روز که می گذرد احساس می کنی بیشتر از او گریزان می شوی، گاهی  از خودت می پرسی چرا؟ و آن وقت هزار دلیل موجه برای خودت می آوری، در حا لی که می دانی که هیچ کدام دلیل اصلیش نیست
مدتی است که من هر روز از خودم می پرسم : آیا  می شود این دیوار را به پلی تبدیل کرد؟ اما هر روز بیش از گذشته مأیوس تر می شوم.تا اینکه چند شب پیش ، پیش از خواب به این موضوع فکر می کردم، تا خواب مرا در برگرفت، وقتی از خواب بیدار شدم و به خود نگریستم . پاســـخ پرســـــش خودم را یافتم.در وجودم ترس عمیقی احساس می کردم و این تـــرس جایی برای عشــــــــق باقــــی نمی گذاشت.ترس ،بی اعتمادی  اینها تنها احساســــی است که عشـــق او برایم تداعی می کند.وقتی اعتمادی وجود ندارد و احســـــاس می کنی تمام مدت تو را کنـکاش می کند و تمام سعی اش را می کند تا در گذشته تو نقطه تاریکی بیابد، وقتی می دانی که اگر حرفی بزنی ممکن است ناراحت شود و حرفهایت را چرند و پرند تلقی می کند.آن وقت می گویی آیا ممکن است این دیوار را برداشت؟ وقتی سکوت بهتر از سخن گفتن است.آن وقت فکر می کنی حرف دلت را باید به چه کسی بگویی؟ آیا می شود یک عشق مشروط را پذیرفت؟ نمی دانم شاید روزی بتوان این دیوار را برداشت و به جای آن پلی ساخت از جنس مهر،دوستـــی و اعتماد.اما می دانم تا زمانیکه ترس وجود دارد عشق معنایی ندارد

Monday, February 4, 2013

Island teacher

Dear Parmis

I have not yet finished “Ad Words”, when that finished it and I do its practice, then I’ll write about it.

Well, I have already told you about my problems ,although I have not been very successful so far ,but I’m trying to study harder, now I have found SFI, although I was confused at first, because I don’t know what I should do ,but then I’m learning about it step by step. It is interesting …..

Sometimes I wish I could live on my own island, although I have found it, It is in my mind, there I’m safe and nobody can disturb me, but when I was too young to go to school, I wished I became a good teacher like a teacher who I have seen her on the TV. She taught on a small island. Her behavior was very good towards her students. I still like her so much, but when I was at guidance school; suddenly was changed my dream.

A day a new student came to our school. She was a pretty girl. I liked her so much. She was always happy and was singing some sings. When she spoke with our teachers everyone were laughing at her and one of our teachers has made fun of her. My teacher told her: “A psychologist should examine you”  , but psychologist told her mother that she is very well, but my teacher was laughing at her and we were laughing at her, too. I didn’t know that she was very sad because of she was very kind and she had said nothing.

A day when we went to school, we didn’t see her. She was absent. We thought she was ill, but she never came back.

Her friend told us that she told her: “I don’t like to go to school, our teacher make fun of me and my friends are laughing at me” I felt bad, I didn’t know when we were joking with her, she became sad, because of she was always happy. I was angry with myself, my teacher and my friends. An excellent girl gave up studying.

I understood that it is an important work and a teacher can change her/his students’ life. I never forget my friend and decide to don’t make fun of everybody, although sometimes I do it by mistake.

However, I didn’t want to become a teacher anymore, I always remember her.

Best Wishes


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