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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Emerald castle

 💕💕Happy Birthday Leila💕💕

      Alien Spacecraft hung overhead!

After 180 minutes, the search bloomed; the lost castle loomed large before the explorers, welcoming them with open arms. Of course, it looked more like a massive Alien Spacecraft than a castle.

The full moon hovered overhead and gave a green glow to the UFO that resembled the shape of a sun hat. The gold brim of the enormous hat was made of a shiny metal and studded with the glaring white lights, while the crown made of green glass shone like emerald. The faint blue aureole orbiting around the craft was really amazing! However, its tractor beam looked a little frightening.

Abduction Phenomenon

Fright? This was exactly what Mr. Assistant felt as he found himself in the front of the alien craft. Though he was delighted the hazardous trip was over, the thought of may be beam up by aliens threw him into a slight horror. As Uncle Larry saw distrust in his friend's eyes, he smiled at him, "Don't worry. Google maps says we arrived at the "ParSino" airport, and the craft says Sergey has returned home." He glanced at his watch and noticed the watch hands running again. "Thank God my watch's working. I felt fully lost without my watch. It's five to eight." Uncle Larry said, pointing at his watch.  

Mr. Assistant smiled ruefully, "Airport or castle or spacecraft? Parmis must be crazy."
Uncle Larry nodded absently, his attention observed by magnificent view. 

It is awesome.When they built the airfield? It is said that Rome was not built in a day, but Parmis proved herself to be a speedy architect by designing her glorious airfield in a week, Uncle Larry thought.

He felt his heart beating faster, tears brimmed in his eyes, last time he met Sergey was in August, he could hardly waiting, so he took a big step forward, but what happened to the craft made him stop.

Like moon which changes shape, the castle form changed. It transshaped into an enormous hourglass. Quick as a flash, two marble towers appeared on both sides of the fancy building to show it as a real, strange castle. "Oh Lord!" Mr. Assistant cried, his mouth dropping open in surprise. Uncle Larry said nothing; he only stood there, marveling at the illuminated castle.

The lonely lighthouse perched on top of a rocky islet, looking like an eagle’s nest on the peak. Compare with Glass Tower it was not very tall, but much more mysterious.
Sand-way, the six-foot cylinder linked two round sections of the hourglass, glimmered golden in the moonlight. The glittery sand in a jam was waiting for crossing the cylinder, like people trapped in a glass-walled elevator, so as to remind Uncle Larry of the still time. Uncle Larry checked his watch, it had stopped at eight.

The silence broke as the foamy waves lapped against the rocks. Uncle Larry turned his attention to the lake, stared at the spot where the bridge was before, and his eyes filled with tears. Mr. Assistant said ruefully, “Don’t let Parmis make you cry, Larry. There’s no bridge, but we can swim to the opposite side of the lake."

Uncle Larry smiled, “No, I’m not worried about the bridge. The airport, clock, lake and glass took me back two years," he let out a long sigh and continued, "Yes, As if Parmis's turned the clock back two years, I imagine standing on the deck of Google barge and my friends are waiting for celebrating my birthday. Do you remember my 41st birthday?”
“Obviously, I cry every time I watch your birthday's video." Mr. Assistant replied.


Uncle Larry sighed dreamily, “Me too. Grown-ups can’t put the clock back or stop it but with kids. The time fades with them, though all the moments turn golden.”
Mr. Assistant nodded his head, “OMG! you're a poet. I wish I were you, Parmis is very friendly.”

At that point, an arrow quickly whizzed past his head. Mr. Assistant muttered, “Oh no, I’m very lucky not to have a niece like Parmis.”
Uncle Larry admitted with a short laugh, “Yes, sometimes she gets on my nerves. Let’s go, our friends are waiting.”

They rushed to the marbled steps led to the green door which a keypad set in it. Uncle Larry glanced at the bunch of the blue hyacinth and their lime green ribbon, now the number on the ribbon seemed fully meaningful. Uncle Larry tapped the digital codes into the machine. As the door opened, Uncle Larry asked, “Would you like to come to my birthday party?”

A grin spread across his Assistant’s face, “Of course.”
Then they proudly went into the mysterious castle.

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