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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Shockproof Dog

Sergey, " Okay, you can get back and bury Fido. It's easy, Quick,Jump!"
Rocky's eyes grew large, and looked at Gloria, " Oh, I see, then I have to jump from the plane, shouldn't I?"

Gloria was completely confused, she stared at Sergey, he grinned, " Don't worry, darling. I'm certain that he'll enjoy parachuting."

Gloria, " Indeed?"
Sergey responded by smiling.

Rocky shouted at him, " Be a good loser, " then looked into her sister's eyes, and said in a calmer voice, " All right, you can desert me in these deserts, and enjoy your trip. "

A sparkle shone in Sergey's eye, It seemed that they had got rid off that teenager easily, then Sergey grinned at Gloria, " That's right. Going on a journey has many advantages. "

Gloria stared at Rocky, and felt his upset look scratch her heart, So she said softly, " I never have a good time without you, Rocky."
Rocky got excited, weeping , " Oh, Glory, Glory! You are the best sister in the world."
Although Sergey was burning with angry, he asked, frowning, " What should I do?"
Rocky, " nearly nothing, just return to the city before it will be too late."
Glory, " yes, we should replace new Fido before Mr. Stone comes back home."
Sergey, " New Fido?"
Glory,  "Yeah, Rocky has dozens of dogs."
Sergey, " It sounds surprising! why?"
Rocky, " To save Mr. Stone. He likes Fido very much."
Gloria continued, " Rocky has a golden heart, he always replaces dead Fido with the new one by himself, Mr. Stone knows nothing about this matter. "
Sergey smirked, " This means kindness, it means silliness. Mr. Stone is a big man, he can bear death, can't he?"
Rocky shook his head, " No, he will dive into his house pool."
Sergey, " So What?"
Rocky cried, " The pool is too deep and dry."
Sergey, " What a surprise!"
Rocky, " It's not surprising, he doesn't know how to swim."
Gloria, " Anyway, a life is in danger, we have to help him."
Sergey, " All right, Glory."
 Rocky, " In my view, the pool is the best place to land, it's enough big."
Sergey, " Gee, Pool?"

The Shockproof Dog

Sergey was nervous, but he tried to endure all just for Gloria; replacing a dog mustn't last over half an hour, it isn't difficult.

Now the aircraft was over Mr. Stone's house, Rocky was right, the swimming pool was enough large to touch down.

Rocky jumped off the plane, ran into the gate, glanced around to find Fido, Mr. Messy was standing in front of his Porsche, and looked down at Fido. As soon as he saw Rocky, he laughed, and bent down to hold the dog, Rocky said, "Don't touch him !"

Mr. Messy raised his hands, and looked at Rocky in surprise, " Okay, why are you so angry? he's just slept."

Rocky yelled in a violent way, " Where do you think you are? on a race track? I've told you before Drive slowly."

Mr. Messy laughed, "Calm down, Rocky! Fido is well. For Several times I've ran over him, and I though he's died, but by next day I saw him walk around."

Rocky pressed his lips together to force himself to say nothing, he'd rather the crazy driver think Fido was shockproof.

Mr. Messy grinned, " Yes,Fido is wonderful! and you are so furious, you always tell me to drive slowly."

While Rocky was picking up Fido, answered, " Well, next time you'd better take my advice, Mr. Messy!"

Gloria stroked the pet, " Poor, Fido."
Sergey raised one eyebrow , and looked at Rocky in surprise, " Then why hadn't you buried him? "

Rocky, " At Mr. Stone's home? You must be kidding!"
Gloria, " We must bury him in Fido Cemetery."
Sergey, " Where is it?"
Rocky, " In Uncle Ernest's field, he lives in a village out of the city. "
Sergey, " And what about new Fido?"
Rocky,  " Uncle Ernest keeps my puppies, I have dozens of Fido."

The Potato Field

Uncle Ernest was sitting in front of his cottage, and shaking in that cold weather , his setter walked around, he looked tired. Gloria and Sergey didn't get off, only waved Uncle Ernest, the land was all white after last night's snowfall.

Rocky said hello to the Uncle, and showed his dog. Uncle nodded his head with sadness, "If I were you ,I changed my home. "

Rocky laughed, " that's great idea, Uncle. I'll talk about with my trainer, but I know he likes his house very much."

The Uncle pointed to the spade, Rocky buried dead Fido, and the Uncle brought him a new Fido , just like that one. Rocky held the dog in his arms, and walked towards the aircraft.

Gloria and Sergey were watching him from plane, suddenly Uncle Ernest signaled to his setter, " Snap it!"

Gloria yelled, " Be ware the dog, Rocky!"

Rocky was running, and the sitter after him, the path was snowy and slippery, all at once his foot slipped, Gloria and Sergey couldn't help laughing, Rocky fell on the snow, and let out such terrible shriek that the setter stopped dead in his tracks, Uncle Ernest approached Rocky, and asked, " What's matter?"

Rocky, " I guess my ankle is broken, it's painful."

The Uncle intended to call a doctor, but Rocky said he had to bring Fido to his house.

Rocky got onto the plane with Uncle Ernest's aid, Gloria looked worried, " Dear little brother, are you OK?"

Rocky nodded his head , but it was quite obvious his terrible pain from his expression.
Therefore Gloria turned to Sergey, "Please, go to the hospital."
Sergey, " In my opinion, he looks fine."
Gloria bit her lip, " he got pale, and you said that he looked fine!"

Rocky smiled bitterly, "Sergey is in right, I'm OK-- we should take Fido to his house soon."
Sergey, " Where to?"
Gloria, "Oh, to Mr. Stone's home."

The plane was flying over the pool ; Rocky was praying; Gloria stroked Fido VII for the last time, and released him into air.

It looked Fido liked parachuting a lot, he landed slowly on the pool, and barked at the plane, the travelers had a good laugh.

Gloria said, " Now, we  go to the hospital. "
Sergey accepted reluctantly, while the airplane was flying to the hospital, he wondered , " Bad luck!"

Rocky's ankle was twisted, he cried, "Then Bye, I remain here, and look after Fido -- I wish a safe journey for you."

Gloria's tears gathered into her eyes, " We never travel without you" then she turned around, and looked at Sergey, he let out a bitter sight, " Sure."

Gloria smiled, " Thanks, Sergey. "
Sergey grinned, " Then you're going to stay at home, and take care of your brother, aren't you?"

Gloria nodded, "Sure."
Sergey took a deep breath.

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