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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Small Island of Books

Dear Parmis
I’m very pleased that I’m writing to you this letter. I’ll tell you a little about what I do, because I try to learn English and I must try to improve my reading and writing.
Today I got up at 3 AM, because a friend informed us my brother was in the hospital. At first, I was very sad, and then I decided to create this blog to forget it.
This month was a terrible month for me. Firstly I had a sweet dream but secondly I missed it. I was very disappointed and very sad and angry; I felt to come to an end of the world.
After a long time, I found some books and I began to read them. I found my Island, my broken boat come to a land and I saved.
I discovered many things about myself, I found out I must be stronger and …..
I decided to change my mental attitude; I hope to change my life because I want to make a happiness life. I want to use the book to achieve this goal.
Last night I read “the magic of thinking big” (written by Dr. David Joseph Schwartz) when I end it I write to you again. I write soon!

Best wishes


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