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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The magic of thinking big -1

Dear Parmis

How are you today? I’m fine. It’s a good day and the sun is shining in the blue sky. Yesterday, all day long it was raining and I was thinking about my life and my mistakes, then I decided again.
I decided that I will be faithful my goals and when I encounter a block only I change my way. (It’s difficult, but it’s possible). Now, I’m trying to do more kindness toward my family, more learning, aware of new ideas and find new friends. I’m going to attempt for achieving my ends. (Please pray for me)

Of course! I’m a little confused. Here everything is strange. I’m feeling that I’m in Wonderful land. Sometimes ago I have seen Sami’s work –book; then I was surprised. It’s made of paper like newspaper. The prices arise more and more every day. I think soon I’ll be change a  ! Sign .when I’m writing on the paper; I’m ashamed of it. I’m glad that pages of my computer aren’t made of paper.
Well, I would rather don’t speak about it, it’s better. I’m going to think very big, and then I’ll be hope that our government finds some solution for these difficulties.
I’m writing about this book in the next part.
With love


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