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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Have you ever had SeShe jam?

At Larry's Office

It was seven hours after Parmis got sick. The trip to Aloha State was canceled, so Uncle Larry felt so lonesome. He sat at his desk, downloading "Santa Tracker" app as his assistant entered and asked gleefully, "Where is Santa?"

Uncle Larry replied absently, "At Google."
Mr. Assistant grinned, "No, at his workshop. Nick loves this app. Every morning, afternoon and evening he asks me, "Where's Santa?"
"Our little visitor."
"Oh yes, I was forgetting you had a guest. How is he doing?"

"He's okay. Last Sunday, his parents went to the Moon for Christmas. We're also traveling to New York Friday morning."
"What do you mean by you're traveling?"

"So, I've promised a trip to Nick."
"But I'm leaving tonight. Google plane is ready, didn't you know that?"
"No. I thought Parmis was sick with scarlet fever."

"I'm not going to Aloha, I'm going to the North Pole. I feel lonely here."
Mr. Assistant sighed deeply, "Oh no. I hate to let Nick down."
"Sorry. I think Nick will be glad to visit Santa's village. I can pick him up on my way to the airport."

"I don't really think that's a good idea. Nick can't wait to visit New York. Well, maybe my wife can take him there, so I can stay here."
"I don't know what I would do without you," said Uncle Larry gladly.

The North Pole Airport

A frosty December night. Google plane landed at sleepy Santa Airport. Wow, Santa's Back!
Santa's team, Uncle Sergey, Gloria, Rocky and little Julia, came running to meet him. Then Santa got into a self-driving car and rode sleepily to his workshop.

She Loves Jam

The snow was falling silently in the village, reindeer enjoyed roaming freely in the pine tree forests, Santa started to reply to the letters from the children around the world while his team was busy preparing Christmas presents.

Pile of letters showed all the children had been good that year, as usual. Santa's team had to be up all nights. They needed help. No more worry… Santa's helpers, Parmis's aunts and uncles, arrived.

At last the big night came. As the team was loading the sleigh with gifts, Santa was still busy with the letters. Sometimes he got up and looked out of the window to see if his sleigh was ready, then he had a cup of coffee and replied to the rest of letters.

As the moon came up, Uncle Larry was dreaming about Aloha. Uncle Sergey placed a pile of letters on his desk and asked, "You're sleeping?"
Uncle Larry suddenly opened his eyes and said, "Aloha."
Uncle Sergey laughed, "Aloha, Larry. Were you dreaming?" then pointed at the new pile, "From islanders."
"Oh, thank you," said Santa, his eyes shining. He looked at the letters. The first came from Parmis. His eyes filled with tears. The letter said:

"Hi Santa,

How are you? I'm Parmis, one has a high fever and is covered in spots. One loves technology, travel and football.

These days, she wonders when she will shake off this disease, so she can travel to Hawaii. I can't wait to see there.

I'm waiting here for you, but I'm really worried about your health…so if you didn't catch a scarlet fever, Please, Please, Please, don't come here. Because I got it.

By the way, if you come bring me a new Pixel with a Google home and some story books and a football.

I also for my tree house need a set of inflatable LED cube chairs­_ it comes in four colors: blue, green, yellow & red_ need for all colors. Make sure you bring me a lovely "Mewtwo" with a self-driving car.

           Love, Parmis

I left you a bowl of cherry compote as a treat. All I have is that. I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy!"

Uncle Larry giggled, "A self-driving car?"

Mino had sent Santa two letters. The first said:
"Hi Santa,

How's life treating you? I'm Mino, and I've been a good girl this year. I'm sorry about what I did in the past_ Mommy made me add that.

But What I want for Christmas is a Google Wi-Fi. We don't have a Wi-Fi, because I traded it for twenty jars of "Seshe" jam. These Jellies are really delicious!

I also need a new Pixel with a Mew. That's all.

 Love, Mino

I know all grateful children leave you some cookies as treats. I also tried to do the same. I went and stood in the yard staring at the sky for about an hour, but nothing fell. Can you believe? We don't have the snow here. Well, I wanted to leave you "Barf-O-Shire". Sorry but I couldn't make it without the snow. I offer to sell all your treats, what do you think of?"

Please come before seven. Mahta, my sis, wakes up at seven."

The second Letter from Mino said:

"Hi Santa,

It's Mino again. I'm writing this letter from my sister, Mahta. She is sleeping now. She can write beautiful letters, but she's a little shy.

She is crazy about SeShe jam, but she is shy to ask one hundred jars of Seshe jam. Please, bring her them all. She also needs a new Pixel, a Google TV and a Mewtwo.

Love, I guess I shouldn't sign this letter.

Mahta is such a nice girl that she left you some cookies. Help Yourself!"   

    Best Wishes


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