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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Monster's Smile

Mino really has brains; her wonderful ideas brought both glory and money to our stunning island. As tourism boomed in our city, investors rushed to invest in our country. Even the Thomoson family came. They built some chic restaurants and a luxury hotel over there. Yes, Mino was brains of the popularity of the island.

 Since she started to play "Pokémon Go" on her tablet, she learned how to turn her favorite places in the island into pokestops. She claimed all of the locations were touristy. The houses of her aunts and uncles were touristy, because she visited them every day. She also found some ancient trees. The mayor said they were ninety years old. Do you remember that park where Uncle Larry snapped many pictures of me; the café where Mom wrote her bestselling book over there; the school playground where Martin wept on the swing; the airport where Mino interviewed about her adventure in Germany? Mino proved they were places with a historical value.

In this way the island had known as the world's first space tourism. Rumor had it that everyone travels the island he/she can hunt all of Pokémon in a week.

 Mino and the people in the island earned much money. When the Pokémon site announced they would submit no request, Mino was a little depressed. However, she thanked God because she had about 500 pokestops now. It seemed a good record for a little girl and she was proud of herself.

 We liked her idea, so we helped her find ancient tree, bench, house, auto.  Collecting Pokémon was so joyful that we preferred to stay in the island instead of traveling in the summer. Uncle Larry also treasured this entertainment. He spent two weeks in the island, but he didn't succeed in hunting Pokémon very much. He collected only fifty small monsters.

Uncle Sergey with Aunt Gloria returned from the moon and joined us. They were lazy Pokémon hunters. Uncle Sergey hunted twenty Pokémon in a month. As he returned to the space, he said that he wished to meet some Pokémon out of the space.

 A week before Xmas, I chatted with Uncle Larry. He said that he had bought a large villa in Hawaii, he invited us to go there for vacations. The news excited the children. Mino said, "He's bought a home? I'm sure he wants to give us a google Home as a Xmas present." We all agreed. However, I preferred a Monster as Xmas presents. What I really wanted was a rare Pokémon. I liked to complete my collection.

Tomorrow morning Martin said, "The Thomoson family will be here for Xmas. They will arrive soon." The news sounded wonderful. We missed the German family. Plus, it meant we could spend a few days in their luxury hotel. We got ready to welcome the Thomosons.

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