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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Monster's Smile 2

She's not Feeling Well

At breakfast, Parmis was a sick chicken. She left home for school without having breakfast. When her friends talked about Christmas vacation, she went very quiet. Tina thought, "Why is she unhappy?"

Miss. Dana was writing on the board a poem when Parmis felt dizzy and nauseous. She put her hand up and said, "Miss Dana, I must be off right now, I'm not feeling well."

Parmis was sent home. Their family doctor said she got a scarlet fever and had to stay home for about two weeks.  It wasn't good news for the child who was dreaming of spending her season vacation in Hawaii. As Mom saw the depressed girl, she said with a smile, "Nothing crying about! Kiarash went to Mamana's house, now we are alone. Guess what we're gonna have a great time Parmis, Please Smile! I can understand you, I got a scarlet fever when I was a child. Well, It didn't sound funny at all, but I tried to enjoy staying at home, watching TV and eating delicious compotes. Well, I liked cherry compote very much."

At the afternoon all the children but Parmis went to the Cuckoo airport to welcome the German family. Sabine was upset as she heard about Parmis's viral infection. Renate asked, "My family would like to have you at the hotel for a few days."
Mino's eyes grew wide, "Really? we can stay here?"
Renate replied, "If your parents agree."
Armis shouted, "Sounds amazing!"
Mino smiled at Renate, "Don't worry. I can convince our parents. I call Mom right now."
She could, so they remained at the hotel that night.

Come on, Here's Mew!

It was dawn, when Parmis woke up. Her fever was still high. She looked around and noticed Mom sleeping by her bed. Parmis turned her attention to the window. The Moon was still was over there in the sky, looking at her. Parmis smiled. Then something amazing happened, Parmis could see a Mew, her favorite rare Pokémon, it was siting over there on top of the tree. Parmis got so excited that she picked up her cell phone and texted Armis, "Mew is here, I can see him. Come here."

Armis was waken up by the ring of her phone. She saw Parmis's message and looked out the window. It was still dark. Armis was afraid of leaving her room at that time, but she thought it was a rare Pokémon, a Mew, she couldn't ignore it. So she called Mino.

Mino said, "A Mew, get ready, I'll make Renate take us to Parmis's house."
Armis shook her head sadly, "No, she won't."
Mino grinned, "She will. Don't say anything about the rare Pokémon."

Five minutes later, Mino was knocking on the door. Renate came sleepy at the door and cried, "What happened, Mino?"
Mino swallowed hard before she said, "Parmis."
Renate looked confused, "Parmis? is she okay?"
Mino shrugged, "She said we go to her house. Let's go for a drive."
__, "Now?"
__, "If not now, then when? Parmis wants us. Can you drive a car?"
Renate got red and shouted, "I learned to drive since I was ten."
Mino smirked, "Yeah, right! So, hurry up!"

They drove off in Renate's car. As Renate was driving fast, Mino kept her eyes fixed on her tablet. Little Sabine was weeping bitterly. Armis asked her, "What are you crying?"
Sabine said, "She's too young to die."
Armis rolled her eyes, "Who?"
Sabine replied, "Parmis. I hope to see her again."
Armis couldn't help laughing. She said, "Don't worry, she will feel better so soon, then we will travel around the world."
Sabine smiled, "Really?"
Armis nodded, "Yes."

Renate enjoyed driving fast. They were about Parmis's home, as Armis screamed excitedly, "Oh Oh, that's it, I can see it."
Mino said quietly, "Sh!"
Renate asked angrily, "What are you hiding from me?"
Mino shrugged, "Nothing!"
Renate checked out her cell phone and found a Tauros on the map. She shouted, "Gotta catch èm all!" and threw a Great ball at the rare Pokémon on her phone.

I don't like to tell the rest of the story, but I have to. Just as her hands were off the steering wheel, she lost control of her automobile and crashed into a tree. Mino sighed deeply, "Oh no, It fled."
Renate glowed with embarrassment, "Are you all okay?"
Sabine nodded, "Yes, but the police man is coming here." 

Renate admitted driving carelessly. The judge said, "You will be banned from driving for three months. Next time remember: Wait, Park. Then, Pokémon Go!" Renate objected, "Not fair!" It did not help, though.
Mino and Armis also were punished. They did not allow to leave the town for a season.

 As Parmis heard that, she told Mom, "If they rode in a self-driving car, they hadn't had an accident. I long a self-driving car for Christmas present, as well a rare Pokémon."

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