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Thursday, November 1, 2012

40 short-letters for my wife (by Nader Ibrahimi)

Dear parmis
The letters of this book are really beautiful and lovely, I have enjoyed them.Nothing is the better than really love in my opinion in the world. I have liked and like that I love similar to it, but I do know only a few people have this luck .it is a hard work and often it is impossible, but when I was a child I have decided that I’m trying to find really love. Although I am so strange and  it is impossible for me to find someone like myself but I don’t worried about it .Don’t problem,  I like myself , I write a part of one of the letters , please read it :
My dear
I tell you, no fear that to like perpetuity, sincerely and to grow is so hard (even to impossible frontier)
But I do this hard important for you easily.
Because your goodness is perpetuity goodness, sincerely goodness and to grow goodness and it may hard everything for me easily and collapse all impossible frontier.”
Now, I feel that it become hard everything, so easier.
Best wishes


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