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Thursday, November 1, 2012

I and a paper remembrance

Dear Parmis

Now, I ‘m writing this letter is November first and finally October has finished. In this month:
·         -I was crying so much and I was depressed and nervous.
·         -I have created two blogs and have registered in e-book website (to your name)
·         -Then I have read two books in the field of Network marketing + some more books.
·         -I have decided some decision.
·         -And of course, I have worried about our boycott.
Although I began this week while I was concern about our boycott and my heart ocean was stormy, but at half-week (it was Qeysar Aminpour reminiscence) I became gradually calm and a little lover. My heart gradually becomes full of pretty butterfly. After I read some good poems, my world becomes pink and butterflyly??. Now I see everything more transparent and more beautiful.
Of course, I do know at next week all butterfly will fly because next week is a political week and I don’t know that what color is the politics? Either green or. ….???
Well, before this letter I tell you about paper shortage, when I think about  this object I remember a paper remembrance, then  I’m laughing at it, I want to tell you it, perhaps you laugh at it, too.
When I was going to elementary school, I had some notebook: a copy-book, a dictation book, a mathematics + a building sentence notebook. This notebook had either 40 or 60 sheets (I have forgotten it). At the beginnings of school term we have written on the first page, and then we didn’t use it. At the ending of the school term our teacher told us some words and asked us for building sentences with them. When I wrote my sentence; show it to my teacher. I liked that she saw my sentences but she didn’t see them, she saw only my note book and then she became very angry and asked me angrily: “What is it?” _”my notebook” I said. _”do you name it notebook? Where are its sheets? “She said. I response her.
I was afraid and was going to cry. When she saw my face told me “sit down” and I sat on my seat, while my notebook had only two sheets.
Where were its sheets? Did the wind have blown them out?
Not, in fact I tore off them, when we didn’t use the notebook I think with myself it is extra. Therefore, when I need sheets for my plays (for example: play-teacher, doctor-play, bank-play…) I tore off pages my notebook out.
Finally it had only two sheets one fill and another blank( I consider a blank page is sufficient to build  sentences).After this event I understood when I tore off pages my notebook shouldn’t tore off   only one, at once I should tore off a page of a notebook and then another notebook. Now I remember it and also my teacher’s face laugh it.
Well, I wanted to write for you about: Angry all the time (I have finished it) but so I had a butterfly week, I write for you about 40 short-letters for my wife this is a pretty book. I hope that you like it.

With love


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