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Sunday, November 18, 2012

English for the Eager Learners

Hi! Parmis

    I'm sorry,You didn't receive any letter in last week, the reason for my lateness:
  1-I had a great deal of work to do.

Now, It is a month that I'm writing to you, although I do know that my letters are full of mistakes but I'm going to keep it on, because of I understand that writing isn't easy for me, therefor I should do it until I learn it.

This week, I'm reading this e-book:English for the Eager Learners by Ira P. Boone. That is interesting and useful for me. I must to try more and more until people understand me:
"clear and correct English makes people easily understand you."
Writer this e-book is Ira p. Boone. His name is like my best English teacher- I hope she don't read these letters because of I'm certain that she become disappointed with me, but I'll try to become a better student.

  2- As I live in Iran and I can't connect easily to Blogger,therefor I apologize.
I love Google but I want to keep on this work, then if I can't connect to Blogger, perhaps I write on another blog( although I don't like it)

  3- again I do apologize so much....

                                          Best wishes


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