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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I+Relationship building?

Dear Parmis

    Last week I received an e-mail from free-eBooks, it said that we should write a comment about e-books.
     Therefore, I decided to write a few words about e-books on this blog and I write about your first steps in Internet marketing by Sandeep Nath".
    This e-book is for me the first for three reasons: The first English e-book (almost), Internet marketing and the first e-book of free-e-book that I read it.
    The author compile 7 key things to know, to start marketing. He believes for network marketing you should build relationship- what, I can't do it easily- What is the reason for I'm not more successful ( I don't build any relationship). The commerce meaning is humans absorb. If you do it well, you are a successful businessman or businesswoman. Here I write some of interesting sentences of this e-book:

  • Once you can do $ 100, you can do $ 100,000.
  • you should spend 70%+ of your time on things that are important but not urgent such as :

       ◦ preparation
       ◦ planning
       ◦ prevention
       ◦ Relationship building
       ◦ Personal development
  • During the "Gold Rush" (he is told ) the guys selling the shovels made as much money as many of the guys who even found gold! So systems (tools) are important.
  • build relationships on line and relationships build your business.
  • Are you afraid of being conned or losing money? His grandfather used to say,"If I lose something to someone, it was probably his before I took it away from him" .How about bearing that attitude for a few days or weeks and seeing the results?
  • you must know that you too are like that little baby taking its first steps. DO NOT be like that many months for back links and human relationships to develop on line.
  • This e-book has also some useful links, if you want, please read it.
               Best wishes

Some of links this e-book:


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