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Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to write Ads that attract Clicks?

Dear Parmis

   Last week, I wanted to write advertising. I didn’t know that how write it? All of a sudden I found an e-book about Ad Words .Now I think I’m ready to write Ads, but I’m still a new advertiser and I must learn more.
Before, I thought, writing Ads is very simple. Now I know it has a special way, we must write Ads that attract clicks.
   The lifeblood of any online business is website traffic. It is important. It’s determines the success of any business and this is an original question: How do we create instant website traffic? There is a system for bringing in instant traffic pay-per-click advertising (ppc), but the bad news is that 95 percent of ppc advertisers end up throwing several hundred bucks down the hole, because they don’t know how it works.

  Successful ppc campaigns are based on three things:

·         Focused Keyword Research
·         Compelling Ads
·         Effective Landing Pages

We do Keyword research to do three things for our topic.

·         Use the Keyword databases to find out if it is popular
·         Research the ppc engines and find out what the top bid prices are.
·         Go back to Keyword database and create a focused list of Keyword.

  At first we create a list of strong Keyword and then we can use these lists to write Ads that attract clicks.
  We break down an ad into 5 separate components:

·         Headline: use our main terms for ad group in headline.
·         First line :Stick your biggest ,most powerful benefit in the first line(fore example: help for help for set up a system)
·         Second line: put your most feature in this line(for example: a free report for download)
·         Display URL: put your main site url in this line
·         Destination URL: Don’t send your traffic to the main page for each type of Ad, therefore send them to specially targeted pages.(in this case, the download page for the free report)

  If you would like to read this e-book, you can follow the author on Twitter.

  Adwords :Brad Callen
   Bryxen Software, Inc.

    Wishing you only the very best



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