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Monday, February 4, 2013

Island teacher

Dear Parmis

I have not yet finished “Ad Words”, when that finished it and I do its practice, then I’ll write about it.

Well, I have already told you about my problems ,although I have not been very successful so far ,but I’m trying to study harder, now I have found SFI, although I was confused at first, because I don’t know what I should do ,but then I’m learning about it step by step. It is interesting …..

Sometimes I wish I could live on my own island, although I have found it, It is in my mind, there I’m safe and nobody can disturb me, but when I was too young to go to school, I wished I became a good teacher like a teacher who I have seen her on the TV. She taught on a small island. Her behavior was very good towards her students. I still like her so much, but when I was at guidance school; suddenly was changed my dream.

A day a new student came to our school. She was a pretty girl. I liked her so much. She was always happy and was singing some sings. When she spoke with our teachers everyone were laughing at her and one of our teachers has made fun of her. My teacher told her: “A psychologist should examine you”  , but psychologist told her mother that she is very well, but my teacher was laughing at her and we were laughing at her, too. I didn’t know that she was very sad because of she was very kind and she had said nothing.

A day when we went to school, we didn’t see her. She was absent. We thought she was ill, but she never came back.

Her friend told us that she told her: “I don’t like to go to school, our teacher make fun of me and my friends are laughing at me” I felt bad, I didn’t know when we were joking with her, she became sad, because of she was always happy. I was angry with myself, my teacher and my friends. An excellent girl gave up studying.

I understood that it is an important work and a teacher can change her/his students’ life. I never forget my friend and decide to don’t make fun of everybody, although sometimes I do it by mistake.

However, I didn’t want to become a teacher anymore, I always remember her.

Best Wishes



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