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Friday, February 22, 2013

Love is important

Dear Parmis
Love isn’t just a feeling we have for someone special. It’s feeling that we have for everyone who’s part of our life and fills our life with meaning.”
  These words are beautiful, while I was reading them, I remembered a memory.
  Let me tell an interesting story about my childhood. When I was eight years old, I didn’t know, meaning of many words. Sometimes, I went to the bakery and bought some bread. One day, I went there, and stood in line waiting to buy some bread. There were a few people in front of me in the line, and then I saw a little boy came there and he stood next to me. He was a beauty and he was a complete stranger for me. Also, some boys were there, they made fun of me, I didn’t worry about them, but the little boy was angry with them and advised them not to behave like that. I was surprised to behave him.
I bought my bread and I wanted to return our home, but the boy came up me and said: “Can I help you?”
I said with angry:” I don’t want your help.” Then he said again:” Do you become my girl friend?” I didn’t know, what that word meant, therefore I said: ”No”
And then the sadly boy went and abandoned me.

  I told my story at home. My mother was angry with him and told me: “you should use bad language…” Why, I didn’t know its reason.
  In the fall, I went to school .One day, my friend, Azade, said: “Don’t talk to Khojaste, she has a boy friend, because she talked to a boy.” I found out we didn’t talk to boys…
  After, I saw him with her sister in the street. I knew her sister, she was in my class, he didn’t say a word to me, and I didn’t say, too,
  Now, I know Love is very important, but I don’t like for loving in childhood, I think everything has special time.Our Lecture told us:" A really lover's dream is sacrificed for sweetheart and he is not jealous." He was a really lover and he told us his story about his love. A really love is very hard but It is possible.

      With LOVE



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