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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

About Adsense

Dear Parmis

   I received another email from Brad Collen yesterday and I remembered about Ad Words. Then I decided to study about its sister program: Google AdSense.
Do you want to make five or ten or twenty thousand dollars a month automatically and paid by one of the biggest internet companies in the world?

   The author describes what AdSense is, and how it works, how to get started, how to maximize the program and more. If you have ever searched on Google, you have seen AdWords.

   Google AdWords are the small text ads that are displaying on the side of the search result in Google. These ads are contextual.The ads will be served based on what you’re looking for. So if you do a search on “Tennis shoes” you will get ads for “Tennis shoes” along with your search result!

   Google AdSense is an extension of Google Adwords, It takes the AdWords concept and moves it off of Google’s search page and onto displayed on the websites are Google Adwords ads.

   You can join the AdSense program and then displaying ads on your website is simple.
Advantages of Google AdSense system:
·         It is simple to use and system.
·         It is very smart about ad selection.
·         It is uses text-only ads that they equals move clicks and very “low weight’ and very fast loading. You can also use graphic and Image ads.

   Then, you are going to join the AdSense .First, Google should accept the content on your website, therefore you need at least 30 to 40 informational articles of 400 to 450 words each and updated them from time to time. There are websites that offer articles for free.

   Once you’re accepted, you want to maximize the opportunity. Your ad should look and feel like a part of your website. Place your ad in the top section of your webpages which can view without scrolling down. Then you should choose the right keywords for your webpages. Remember the goal here is clicks, not SEO ranking. Sometimes a keyword is high paying but it don’t attract clicks, relevance is more important than value. The URL of your webpage is also important, as it is on the web generally, if you change your ordinary URL to a key word rich URL relevant to your market, it is possible to raise your CTR, as much as 200% or more without doing anything else.
Also, the content on your web pages should be informative, of high quality and the ads should be relevant to the content .Placing AdSense ads on your Blogs. Blogs can be created cheaper than commercial websites.

 AdSense Revenue Exposed by:Michael Rasmussen and Jason Tarasi



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