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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Get Set For A New Adventure

Parmis started racing down the stairs. The stairs railing which ornamented with greenery garlands and golden mitts enchanted her. “Wow! You beautified the house all by yourself?” she exclaimed.
“No. Well, help came at last moment! Mamana and Aunt Kate decorated the whole house.” she chuckled up the stairs.

“Oh, really? Where are they now?” She asked. Then her eyes were drawn to the slim pine tree on the landing below, “sounds perfect!” she gasped, stopped to admire the view, but something fishy happened; the music got quiet.
The smile faded from her face. She thought, “Once again, I'm in the soup! Now I'm sure it's Christmas day.”
The faint aroma of cookie was still in the air, and recalled her last experience of Christmastime: the fake presents, search, Uncles, Tina, and all childish pranks.
It is terrible to think it might happen again; finding the prank presents were nothing inside under the Christmas tree, blow a fuse and begin a hunt to find your hidden gifts.
“Don't stand there! Let's see your presents, they're under the main tree,” said Mother as she was passing her on the stairs.
The main Christmas tree was placed by the fireplace. Some white candles were burning in the fireplace. Christmas stockings dangled from the mantel. LED string lights were wherever, on the mantel, sofa and floor.

Parmis stared at the tree with wonder. The sparkling tree was decorated with blue shining stars and LED lights. On the crown, a golden eagle was eye-caching. She thought, “A golden eagle tree topper, sounds wonderful!”

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