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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good wealth-1

Dear Parmis

    Last week I wrote to you about Internet marketing and then I face up to the problem, some of people think that wealth isn't good and many wealthy men (women) got money by fraud.

    At first I was very sad then I thought about it. Is wealth good or bad? All of a sudden I remembered "Les Miserables" by "Victor Hugo". "Jean Val Zhan" was a good man but he was obliged to steal one loaf bread because of he (his family) was hungry.

   Although my purpose of life isn't wealth, but in my opinion riches is good, because of, when you have much money you aren't worried by the high price of any things, your mind aren't involved in your misery-it is free and calm-you can help others and can buy many things therefore others are share with your money and they make a profit of your wealth.

  Of course I know only cash don't make us happiness and I should make money with honesty, therefore I read any books until learn new methods then act them.

  If you are going to become a dishonest, you need no book, if you look at well, you find many ways for scam-special-if you live in Iran, because of, since I have be child until now, I hear about scam on TV everyday. If you are about to become a dishonest, here is the best place-although many people are honest-and then what do you with your moral sense?

 Well, riches are good but with peace of mind. This week I write about this book: "Grow Rich with peace of mind" by" Napoleon Hill". In my opinion you should read it several times. It is a great deal of book.

  The author believes money can brings much good news for your life and you can't receive them without money, but you can't buy any thing with only cash such as peace of mind. When you start to travel growing wealth, you shouldn’t give up your freedom and your peace of mind.

 The world always changes but there's always need, therefore new works are built, then we can make money, so we get richer and richer, if we control our mind....

                                      with Love


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