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Friday, December 28, 2012

101 ways to transform your life

·   Draw your inner energy from the beauty that surrounds you.
When you do so, this energy reception will become a source of strength and sustenance in your life.

·   The more you believe in your chosen goal and the possibility of attaining it, the more certain you will be to do so.

·   Try not to compare   your self to ot6hers as a measurement of your performance or success.

·   Release everything that you have been told is impossible or unrealistic, and allow yourself the freedom to make your own contract with God. Examine all of the doubts you have about miracles and miracle workers, and replace the doubt with openness.

·   When you find that you have accomplished a goal, even a small one, be sure to acknowledge yourself for that. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy at least a moment of satisfaction about it.

·   Adhere to the most important guideline ever passed on to us from the spiritual world:” Love thy neighbor as thyself”. Make this a daily affirmation.

·   Learn to allow others to work out their difficulties without feeling that you are the only one who can fix things. Your ego is pushing you to intervene, while your high erself wants you to experience peace and harmony.

·   Relax about the future, and let it go. Instead, make a commitment to enjoy this day a little more. It is very difficult to accomplish anything when you are stressed over the outcome. When you relax and get peaceful, you become inspired and efficient.

·   Look into a mirror and say out loud:” I love you, I value you, and I know that there is much more to you than what I see staring back at me.”

·   Avoid dictating to those who are smaller, younger, or less educated. None of us is “better” than anyone else. We’re just different.

·   Remember that your past must have taught you the wrong message if these messages do not bring you peace and happiness. Do not be afraid to let go of those beliefs if they do not promote a sense of peace for yourself.

·   Free yourself fro addictions-that is; Addiction to substances such as alcohol, drugs, sugar, and caffeine; or approval. All of this is just your ego at work, when you know that you have the presence of God within you, you will no longer be addicted to externals.

·   You are an eternal spirit.


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