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Friday, December 28, 2012

A snow day

Dear Parmis

Now, it’s Christmas. I always like Christmas. When I was a child, I have mistaken about Santa Claus. I have taught that he is a really man and it was one of my dreams that I would be a Christian person because I wanted to received many present of Santa Claus ,then I have realized that he isn’t a really man, therefore I liked my religion.

Many times, it is snowing in the Christmas, and I have wonderful memories of my snow days, such as making snowman, snowball… but I have a bad-good memory of snow.

Many years ago, it was snowing very hard in Tehran. It was a cold and dark night. We (I and my friends) wanted to take a taxi, but there was no taxi; therefore we decided to take a walk to home. We were walking and talking. In our way was a stream. We were always crossing on it easily; therefore I placed my right leg on other side of canal. Suddenly my left leg slipped on the snow and I dropped into the water, then I got up and I come out from there. I look at myself and told my friends and my sister “Where is my purse?” It was dropped into the water, and the water carried it.
I was a sadly person because all of my wage was in it. I was running along canal and my sister was following me. I told her:” I lose my money because my manager is angry with Me.” and she told me:”It’s not true.” sometimes we stood and we were looking for it into the water. The water was very cold such as ice, but we didn’t find it. Then we reached end of the canal, it was only my hope, because in here, stream was changed its path. I inter my hands inside the water and I was searching for my money. I was a lucky person. Finally I found it.
My purse was trapped through wastes .for the first we were thankful to some people for wastes. They were saved my money.

We came back to home. One of my friends told me:” Are you okay?” I remembered that I fell down and my body has pain, but I have forgotten it. In our home we dried my money and tomorrow we told my story to our manager and we laughed it.
Now I am afraid of snow day and slipping; but I still like snow, snowball and snowman.

My dear, I want for you and everyone peace, love and happiness, therefore I write some beautiful sentences of “101 ways to transform your life.” by “Dr.Wayne w.Dyer

Best wishes



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