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Thursday, December 20, 2012

About Love

About Love

We do not need thoroughfares
When love seeks the heart
Such is the way of love—
Always destined, never sought
We do not need gold coins
When love comes without cost
Such is the value of love—
Always priceless, never bought
We do not need a wise man
When love speaks through art
Such is the beauty of love—
Always instilled, never taught
And we do not need a ruse
When love surrenders to us all
Such is the enigma of love—
Always mysterious, never caught

Jason Sturner
10 Love Poems 

Separation day and seclusion night now end;
Take this augury: success on you luck’ll depend.
The pride and self-conceit displayed by Fall,
With the approach of Spring, will end all.
By the lucky star of flower’s crown,
Fall winds and annoying thorns were put down.
Twilight of hope twinkles from mystery-curtain;
Dark night disappeared and victory is certain.
Worries of Winter Nights and my heart’s grief,
Ended all since her curls brought me relief.
Since time breaches covenant, I can’t believe
That good luck of my friend my sorrowe’ll relieve.
Saki! On you delightful cup we depend.
Our worries and hangovers your grace’ll end.
Though no one for Hafiz Consideration had,
Thank God! Transient are both the good and bad.


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