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Monday, March 4, 2013

cookie or movie

Dear Parmis

    Sometimes, I didn’t know, we are friends or enemies? Although we say that we are enemies, but we look as if we like each other.
    85th Oscar winner (Argo) was a movie about Iran, I haven’t seen it and therefore I don’t know how it is? But some people feel American like Iran and also Iranian like them. They are always talking about each other and make movie about one other. Perhaps they are friends and we don’t know. Of course we wish they were friends and also we wish they thought about children who are in the hospitals. They need medicine .We can live without Google, Apple…..It is very sad but we won’t die, but without medicine it’s possible that disease children will die. Please you think a little about them. Thank you
    Let’s tell my story about cinema. When I was a little girl, I liked to go to the cinema. I told my brother about this and he said that I asked my dad. I came up my father and said:" let’s all go to the cinema." He told me that we couldn’t go to the cinema because he had a great deal of work to do, but I insisted on him, finally he accepted.
On Friday, we left home. It was before 12 PM. Our father was driving along a highway in Tehran. There were a few cars in the street, because it was Friday. Friday is the weekend in Iran.

    At first, I was happy, but a few minutes later I was tired. I didn’t like long drive. I felt we never arrived at the cinema. For a few hours he was driving and I asked him when we arrived at the cinema and he replied me "soon". All at once, he stopped near the cinema and told us "cinema is here". My brother was very happy but I was hungry and a little happy. My dad told me: "Are you hungry? " I said: "yes" then, he said:" Maryam, there are two choices for you: cookie or movie?"

    My brother told me" say movie, movie" but our father told him "she should reply" My brother knew my choice .of course he thought right. I chose cookie and then our dad went to buy cookies. My brother was very sad and angry with me. He told me: "greedy, if you don’t eat anything for two hours, you won’t die". I felt bad.
That day we didn’t go to the cinema. For a few years I was sad about it.

    Now, I know that cinema was near our house. I think our dad didn’t like to go to the cinema, perhaps I was a smart girl, if we didn’t eat cookies, and it would be possible we missed them, because my father found another reason for not going to the cinema. Although that day we didn’t go to the cinema. Two years after, my teacher, my friends and I went to the cinema, but I always keep in mind that interesting day.

Yours truly



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