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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Lucky Number

Look what I've found

They went back to the telephone booth. Uncle Larry confidently picked up the receiver. He smiled at his assistant and dropped the coin into the slot. As the little coin clinked into the telephone's tummy, Uncle Larry burst into tears. Mr. Assistant sighed wearily, "It is out of the order, isn't it?" Uncle Larry nodded his head, there was only a crackling noise on the line, Engineer Larry wish he had a screwdriver.

Mr. Assistant said, "Don't be disappointed, try again!" Uncle Larry gave a nod, in the coin return, he pulled the coin-return lever several times. Guess what happened? and what he received?  A birthday card?

Nope, A paint brush! The coin-return slot spit out his coin with a pretty paint brush. This little paint brush was his Fifth Birthday Present.

Mr. Assistant said with a laugh, " Ha ha ha, this telephone turns coins into the paint brush."

Uncle Larry took a deep breath, he was very happy that everything turned out all right. At that point he picked up his brush, the fifth marker disappeared.

They intended to head for the next destination that a strong gale began to blow.  A great cloud of sumac rose into the air, and the castle went blood-red. The maples were shaking, and the dead leaves were swirling around them.

Uncle Larry opened the booth door, his assistant said, "It's stormy, let's wait until the wind drops."

Uncle Larry shook his head, "No, we'd better leave right now." then stepped out into the street, and set off for the sixth marker.

Mr. Assistant seemed to hesitate for a few minutes, so he would like to stay there. But he changed his mind about remaining at the booth, he couldn't leave Larry alone.

The sympathetic assistant put the coin into his basket. However, when he wanted to leave the booth, he heard such a loud boom that he froze to the spot. All at once the whole booth shook because a maple tree hit it. Then the booth began to rock back and forth for forty-three seconds. Mr. Assistant stared at the ceiling with fear, the maple branches lashed at the booth roof. Mr. Assistant shut his eyes and waited.

One minute or two had gone by, when he heard Uncle Larry's shout, "What are you doing?...Why don't you come out?"

Mr. Assistant jumped out of the booth, then opened his eyes quickly, just at the moment some sumac got into his eyes, Poor Assistant squeezed his eyes shut and followed Uncle Larry.

Minutes later, the wind was still blowing. It was really hard to walk in such a strong wind, the basket was almost blown off three times, but the assistant had saved it every times. Now he clutched the basket tightly in his hand, as if it was his baby.

Despite the strong wind, Uncle Larry looked around carefully. He noticed a tandem bike leaning against a maple tree. "Look what I've found!"Uncle Larry said as he invited his friend to get on the bike. After they wore the bike helmets, they started pedaling the bike up the track.

Everything went well, until the way blurred before Uncle Larry's eyes.

Best Wishes

Telephone's tummy is a new word, it means the pay-phone's coin-box.



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