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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let's make Our Bicycle Lane

Despite the strong wind, Uncle Larry looked carefully about. That is why he spotted a set of green bicycle track in the street, it looked as if Parmis had painted her bike wheels green, then she had made a bicycle lane with their tracks. The light green marks led to a tall maple that a tandem bike leaning against.

 "Look what I've found! Let's complete this bicycle lane." Uncle Larry shouted gladly as he approached the bicycle. Mr. Assistant slowly lifted his lids and saw Larry getting on the bike.  "OMG, OMG!" Mr. Assistant said as he hurried to join his friend.

After wearing the bike helmets, the friends started pedaling their bike along the trail.

At first everything looked exciting; the men were riding swiftly and fighting bravely against the crazy wind, while leaving the green tracks in the track. Then something unpleasant happened, the way blurred before Uncle Larry's eyes. At once he squeezed the front brake levers, but the wheels skidded; Uncle Larry flew over the bars, the bike ran into a tree and flipped, and Mr. Assistant fell to the ground.

Minutes later, Uncle Larry sat up and pulled out a tissue, then said, "I'm Sorry, I couldn't see as I had something in my eyes, we--"
"Sorry to interrupt, but it's not odd that the wind has dropped since the bike struck the tree?" Mr. Assistant asked as he dusted some sumac from his untidy hair.

Uncle Larry was so surprised to find what his assistant said was true; there was no breath of wind in the air. Uncle Larry turned to that enormous elm tree stood there. A sparkle emerged in his eye, when he saw a white paint brush shining on the tree trunk. Now he knew why the wind had died down; the sign on the tree trunk said, "Here is the sixth destination."

Uncle Larry quickly got up from the ground. He stood in front the of mysterious tree, staring at the sign. He wondered why Parmis had painted it upside down. Uncle Larry turned his attention to his assistant, who was busy with collecting the Haft-seen items. So when they fell off the bicycle, the basket tipped over and all its things spilled out onto the ground. Finally Mr. Assistant put the whole objects in the basket and came up to Larry.

Mr. Assistant pointed at the sign, "Oh, here is the sixth destination! but this sign seems too strange, doesn't it?" Uncle Larry nodded and softly touched the sign. As soon as his hand felt the painting, the ground opened up and greedily swallowed them up.

 They fell into a deep, dark well. It was almost dry, there was only a little water in the well. Mr. Assistant looked so shocked. The instant he fell in the well, he began jumping up and down and shouting for help.

Uncle Larry looked down, the seven red pomegranates floated on the water mirror. Uncle Larry took one of them, then put his hand on his assistant's shoulder, "Don't worry! Only put it into the basket." However, Mr. Assistant continued jumping about, deciding to ignore uncle Larry's request.

Uncle Larry waited for a while, finally he tired and shouted, "Stop Splashing me!"
 Mr. Assistant turned his attention to Uncle Larry. He felt embarrassed to see Uncle Larry's clothes were wet through.
Mr. Assistant said, his voice shaking, "I'm really Sorry, Larry... But I'm so afraid of the dark... where is here?"
Uncle Larry, "Be Brave and Find the exit instead of crying!"

Mr. Assistant nodded, and the two of them began to check the sides of well, brick by brick. Uncle Larry noticed one of the bricks feel slightly loose. He pushed that loose brick, and the trapdoor opened smoothy.

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