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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Feech Turned One

Suit Yourself

wrinkle forms between Renate's eyes, she shouts at Martin, " Don't be silly-- we can't cancel the interview just for a little girl."

Martin narrows his eyes at her,  " Parmis is our lead designer, and my business partner, I never bypass her.... I'm pretty sure she won't forgive me for this."

Angry bird burns with anger, she looks Martin in the eye, and asks angrily, " Your Business Partner? Who's Feech investor? who is? " and without waiting for answer she yells, " Renate, Renate-- Head for the taxi, Come on!", as her yell fills the airport all the looks freeze on the little boy, Martin swallows hard and tries to force back his tears, but he can not, he feels so embarrassed as to fill his eyes with tears; everyone can touch this deep pain, and feel sorry for the little boy.

Hr. Thomson turns pink, and objects to his daughter, " Renate! You should not talk to Martin like this in front of the others. Do you understand ? "
Renate stares at the floor, and nods her head, " Yeah."

Then Hr.Thomson turns to Martin and his parents, " I'm really Sorry about what happened--  We shouldn't have promised reporters without consulting Martin, but we were so excited about " Pretty Mind" that we decided hastily... however, we have enough time to postpone the news conference, Whatever Martin decides."

Martin is eager to scream " Yes, please put off it." but seven pair of eyes shake his confidence; the eyes that are full of sense. Martin can read worry, happiness, fear, hope, anger, thrill and sorrow in them, and he can not ignore those feelings as he is not selfish. The family and friends are so important for him that he gives in, and accepts the Thomsons' will, " I change my mind, I come."

Two taxis are waiting to take the entrepreneurs to the hotel where the news conference will be held. On the way Martin wonders, " What a pity that Renate upset my plan, but Parmis can realize me, yes, I'm pretty sure that Parmis is with me."

Feech Turned One

They have a little chat, the news conference lasts no more than twenty minutes: Martin, his father and Renate sit at the table in order to introduce their new production. Martin's father keeps looking at the interviewers, President of company- Renate- is resting her arms on the table, while Feech co-founder, Martin, is speaking about his latest application, " Pretty Mind ".

Martin says,smiling, " Today Feech turned one; yeah, just one year has gone since we launched Feech, the application which surprised our minds, and changed our lives: about a little girl, her silent world turned into a melodic one, and about my daddy, his busy minds turned into easy minds, and how many depressed people who have changed into pleasant characters!

There is no doubt at all that Feech changed the world, and I can't express my happiness to be a part of that--" for one minute or two Martin pauses as the digital cameras start clicking, then he resumes, " Now ...  now we intend to release our other amazing app: Pretty Mind, I'm sure you'll like this one too."

The crowd begins clapping, suddenly Sabine with her model plane runs towards the table, waves her plane at the audience , and shouts, " Ich habe mich verirrt,  wo ist die polizeiwache?  ( = I am lost, where is the police station? ), Renate bits her lip, and Martin just shrugs, while smiles bitterly, " Frl. Sabine is my assistant."

 Martin explains a little about Pretty Mind, then it's his father's turn to speak, " Pretty Mind is cool, it saved our inheritance, my father had threatened me to disinherit , because I looked overweight, I'm not kidding you, we might miss our inheritance-- so if you are plump, make sure that you have added it to your apps, since this application installed on my smartwatch I could have reduced about 40 pounds just in 1 month, it is unbelievable, isn't it?  Would you like to try it?"


After interview, they go to a pretty airfield, and fly to Winnipeg. It is five after three in Winnipeg as they are arrive at the stadium. the match between Germany and Thailand has just started.

The stadium is bubbling with excitement, and all looks are fixed on the football field, the players follow the football while the spectators cheer. Most of the front row seats are occupied, Martin wonders, " What a pity! I prefer the front seats." but it is not strange that Renate is leading them forwards?

We have a nice place!
It is not easy to get through the crowd, however the newcomers proceed towards German spectators, and look for Nescafe; earlier this morning he had come there to find a nice place among Germany team supporters.

The spectators are screaming, Martin puts his hands over his ears, and grumbles, " They are too noisy."  Julius stares at him, " Have you ever been in a stadium? "

 Martin shakes his head, " Never!"
Renate lets out a bitter sigh, " Oh, I guessed, I have never seen such a boy." then bursts into laughter,  Martin sticks his tongue out at her, " And I just saw your laughing." Renate brings a big smile on her face, " Now See, Mr. Martin."

At the moment Sabine shouts with excitement, " Look! I'm sure that's Nescafe." Martin admits her, " Yes, it is."

Renate's forehead wrinkles in confusion, her expression shows she hasn't yet recognized her boyfriend, she asks, " I can't see him, where is he?"

A grin spreads across Martin's face, he points at German fans ," Over there -- If your eyesight was good you could see Nescafe."
Renate turns red, and shouts,  " Mr. Nescafe."

Martin shrugs, " By the way, Mr. Nescafe is visible on the stadium monitors."
The Thomsons turns to the monitors.

In the Middle of eight free seats, Nescafe sitting with a soda enjoys watching the match, he has changed so much since Renate saw him last, and that is why she couldn't recognize her boy friend, Nescafe looks more lovely with the Germany flag is painted on his face. He with his vacant seats is at the center of attention, because the eight seats are filled with a pile of foods, the stadium monitors have showed him several times.

Renate gets excited and calls him, and Nescafe waves back, and invites them to join, he
says, " Come here! All the children are here." and the newcomers rush to the seats, yes, watching a match from the front seats is so delightful that no one refuses this special offer.

Hr. Thomson glares at Nescafe, " What are these?"
Nescafe replies, smiling, " Food, I guessed you would be hungry, so provided them for you, sandwiches for the elders ; pizzas for younger ones, and soda, Nescafe--"

Renate interrupts him, " We had lunch at our jet."
Nescafe giggles, " Oh, yes, I forgot your jet."

Hr. Thomson knits his brows," What did you mean by a lot of food, you wanted to feed a big elephant?"
Nescafe's cheeks glow, he points at his friends, " They are hungry too."

Herr. Thomson shakes his head, then signals to the children to empty the seats, Renate and Julius quickly arrange the food
on Nescafe's lap, then the two families sit among the other excited German and enjoy watching the match but Martin; the little boy feels pity for Nescafe who buried under a pile of foods, so tries to save him, he distributes the snacks and sodas among the spectators quickly, little Sabine also helps him.

After getting rid of all the food, Nescafe breathes deeply, and asks, " Who is Germany coach?"
Julius replies, " Silvia Neid "

The match has interested Martin, he'd like to express his eagerness, so shouts, " Who is in goal? "

The little boy nearly dies of embarrassment when all the German fans glare at him, and Julius pinches him sharply on the arm, and Renate explodes, " You'd better have stayed at home, Martin. "

Martin turns pink, he swallows hard and forces back his tears, that time Nescafe saves him by asking a funny question, " Who is in goal for Thailand?"

As the looks are fixed on Nescafe, he whisperers to Martin, " Don't mind her-- she didn't mean what she said, Sit beside me during the match." Martin smiles, and sits on the seat adjacent to Nescafe, and decides to keep quiet until the end of the mach, while Renate and Nescafe make a lot of noise, they are constantly singing and cheering the Germany team.

As Melanie Leupolz scores into the goal in the 24th minute, the German supporters get so much excited that create a great wave, and Martin fears of throwing at the football field, he hopes it will be the last score for  German, but the Germany goal machine has just started.

They score in 56th,57th and 73th minutes, while the fans jump up and down Marin is stuck on his seat and prays. Finally the match ends, Renate screams with laughter, " Oh, we won the match, Martin."

It is already 5 in the afternoon, when they flies back to Vancouver, Martin is somewhat disappointed with Parmis, her smartphone is still off, and it looks really strange. Martin thinks a lot during the flight, and at last he planed to wait till tomorrow afternoon, maybe Parmis wants to give him a surprise.

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