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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Desert Man


Mislaid Plan

Gem Fever has caused a big traffic jam on the Pacific Coast Highway, Gonzalo's Semi-trailer is there, somewhere among thousands of stopped vehicles, Gonzalo is very nervous and somewhat disappointed, the heavy traffic upset his plan, he grumbles, " What a nuisance! ".

However, the children seem really happy and very excited. The passengers are still in the back of the truck; while Uncle Larry is asleep, all the children try to call their parents but Tina; she is standing on tiptoe looking down at the jammed highway, What a Surprise! for the first time the moments are not being captured by Tina, though the iPhone 6 plus is with her!!!

Dying With Dignity

After a while Mino succeeds to connect her Mom, Mino shouts happily, " Mommy ... Mommy ... Help ... We are lost."
-- Dead Silence
One of Mino's eyebrows is raised in surprise, Parmis and Armis are staring at her, they both look nervous, Armis is chewing her nails and Parmis is chewing on her lip too; Mino swallows hard and forces back her tears, she shouts as loudly as she can, " Mommy, it's Mino, Please Speak with me... Mommy, I'm not joking, we're actually Lost."
-- Gulup - Gulup - Gulup
The sound of bubbles break the silence as if Mom's smartphone is swimming. Armis asks anxiously, " What happened, Mino ?"
Mino shrugs, " I don't know, I can hear just gulup ... gulup."
Armis, " You've got wrong number, try again."
Mino calls over and over again, but no one answers, she shakes her head sadly, " It's no use calling, you'd better try your chance." Armis and Parmis nod their heads, " All right."

Mino turns to Tina, " Have you called your Mom?"
Tina, " Not yet."
Mino, " But why?"
Tina points at the iPhone, " Well, My friend is awfully hungry."
Mino grins, " So it's dead?! ... Yes, right, during the trip you were shooting non-stop."

Tina lets out a bitter sigh, " I Wish I had brought my solar charger; I left it behind because of hurry."
Mino giggles, " Yes, a solar charger," all at once her eyes shine as if she recalled something ," Oh, Parmis's tablet, it's alive ....Parmis is using her smartphone now, so you can borrow her tablet."
Tina explodes, her eyes full of fire, " I prefer dying with dignity to living in disgrace."

Mino presses her lips together and forces herself to be polite, she stares at Tina for one minute or two, then says, " Dying with dignity? You must be mad, mustn't you? --By the way, don't worry, help is coming."

A slow, bitter smile emerges on Tina's face, " Thank you, By the way, my parents must be asleep now, last night they stayed up because of the pirates."

Mino giggles, " Oh, yes, you're quite right--" a terrible shriek interrupts her, both the girls turn around and notice Armis crying, " Mommy ... her cellphone is off ... she doesn't answer the phone at all."

Parmis nods, " Neither does my Mom-- Likely she isn't worried about me, because she thinks I'm at Google now."
Tina's eyes grow wide, " What? our news must be the headline of newspapers now?"

Parmis browses the web, next she says, " Guess what, No news has spread on a missing hot-air-balloon."
Tina's mouth drops open, " Nothing? you must be kidding! It's impossible."
Parmis shakes her head, " Sorry, but no news."

A look of panic crosses Tina's face, " Oh, my God -- isn't it strange? I thought Uncle Sergey was looking for us."
Armis bursts into tears, yet Mino keeps herself cool, " Well, we better call 911."

" I have to download Feech." Parmis says as she points at Uncle Larry. Armis wipes her tears, " So I call 911."

Mino, " Good, and I call Uncle Sergey and Aunt Gloria."
Tina, chewing a pink gum, turns her attention to the busy highway, " Great! I also tries to find a trustworthy person on the road."

Gonzalo's Mission, What Now?

Gonzalo checks around, all the lanes are busy, the long lines of vehicles stretch for miles; the trucker lets out a bitter sigh, he blares his truck horn in despair, suddenly the cars ahead of him start moving slowly, Gonzalo glances at his watch, then shakes his head sadly, " Bad luck! what now?", Gonzalo has to get to the sale on time or else he will miss his toy truck, while he is  going along the highway, he wonders how to escape from the traffic, he decides to take the next exit and get off the highway.

Just For Father's Day Present

After that, the trailer joins the streams of cars are going to the east, he follows the road for about ten miles until he sees the other traffic jam ahead, the cause of the traffic is an angry dad; the father has blocked the road with his van so as to object to his children, unfortunately, the ungrateful kids had forgotten to buy a present for him, Gonzalo knits his brows and turns  into a remote road.

The blare of Mexican music disturbs the silence as Gonzalo comes on the road, at first sight, everything looks wonderful: a lonely, lovely road with a semi-trailer on, Hooray! Gonzalo expresses his excitement by blaring the truck horn, his cheeks are glowing with pride, the trucker has the feeling that he is the king of roads.

Some pretty minutes go by, and then everything goes wrong, the road narrows and turns into a dumpy, dirt trail; loneliness also disappears as stream of cars appears from nowhere, Gonzalo is much shocked by the vehicles turn up in the opposite direction, his trailer is so wide that no cars get by, so he pulls over to the side of the road, lets them pass, and thinks about a real shortcut somewhere without roadblock, passing car or speed limit, and the first name crosses his mind is The Arizona Desert, Gonzalo loves there, desert brings him to life, in fact he is the desert-man, its silence, calmness, and wild nature nourish his free sprite, and although driving across desert doesn't look easy, Gonzalo is good at it.

We Will Come Soon

The truck lurches when Gonzalo hit the desert, Tina shouts," What is he doing? "
Parmis laughs, " 90%"
Tina, " What? "
Parmis points at her smartphone, " I talked about Feech, until now the 90% has been download."
Mino says, " None, none of them answers, their smartphones are off. "
Suddenly Armis shouts with excitement, "Oh, finally the police answer, someone is on the line."
The children scream with laughter, " Hooray!", then listen to the conversation:

Armis, " Hello, Is it Police? we're lost."
Police, " Your name?"
Armis, " Armis."
Police, " Where are you now, Armis?"
Armis, " I don't know exactly." she looks at her friends' face, " Where are we?"
Tina, " In desert."
Armis giggles, " In burning desert sands."
Police thinks herself, " Another Annoying child, this naughty girl tries to pull my leg, I show her ." then she says kindly, " Listen to what I say, Stay there, we will come soon."
Armis, " Okay, but you didn't ask the desert name?"
Police, " I don't need it, however, which desert? "
Tina whispers, " Arizona desert, I think."
Armis, " A---" the little girl lets out a terrible shriek, because her cellphone has gone off.

" My cellphone doesn't have reception again, " Parmis says as she kneels down on the floor, head in hands, " My heart sank-- Only the 1% had remained as WiFi went off."

Armis, " Same Police, she also went off, what now? "
Parmis, " I don't know, we have to wait."
Mino, " I guess he is a smuggler."
Armis, " Who?"
Mino, " The trucker, why is he driving across desert?"
Tina, " Yes, I'd warned you earlier."
Armis, " Yes, Tina had told us, then now we have to escape."
Parmis smirks, " Where? Look, we are in the middle of nowhere, and no one is nearby!"

Armis begins crying , Mino puts her hand on her back, " Don't worry, everything will be fine ... instead of weeping set the table , I'm hungry."
Armis purses her lips, " But I'm not."

Best Wishes

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