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Monday, October 26, 2015

Time is Gold


 Time is Gold

As far as the eye can see- golden sands stretch for endless miles on all sides, giant saguaros rise up vertically and fill the sky, while a big truck is cleaving the burning sands and going along with a weary roar, the trucker keeps driving in the scorching sun, although he is tired and somewhat hungry he wastes no time ... no time! Gonzalo likes to regain his dump truck as soon as it is possible, in fact for him Time is Gold.

 A pleasant breeze blows, and swings the saguaros, then softly touches Uncle Larry's cheeks, for the moment his eyelids open, but they are lowered by the blinding glare of the sun, again the man opens his eyes slightly and glances around through  half-closed lids: a hot, tight place with four kids who standing and chatting, where is here? he can't recall, his memory is foggy. Uncle Larry rubs his forehead, his head still hurts a little, but Don't worry about him, he is fine!

Mino seems too restless, nervously she shouts, " Parmis, Hurry up, I have to get off."
Parmis bits her lip, " Here? in the middle of desert? you must be lost your mind?"
Tina says with a nervous giggle, " It's all your fault, you ate the whole ice-creams alone, now the only two ones are left."
Armis looks down and tells Mino with embarrassment, " Feel free, We won't look you at all."
Mino lets out a terrible shriek, " I'll fling myself off the truck, if you- ." her word breaks as
Uncle Larry asks weakly, " Where am I?"

The children's eyes grow wide, Parmis asks, " Uncle Larry?! ", There is no mistaking his voice, all of them turn to the Uncle, and see him trying to stand up, Parmis screams with excitement, " Wow! You woke up, Uncle Larry?! We were very much worried about you! ", Tina shouts with laughter, " Are you OK, Uncle? I nearly died of horror when you fainted ", Little Armis begins weeping, " Oh, my God, we're not going to die." and the restless child shrieks loudly, " Please, Help me!"

 Gonzalo thinks he heard a scream, rapidly he scans around, no one has been seen, the driver laughs to hide his fear, " Desert drives a human being crazy." he wonders aloud , then steps harder on the accelerator to get away from phantoms, Gonzalo is unaware that he has some hitchhikers in the back of his truck.
When Uncle Larry rises to his feet, Mino cries loudly, " Land this balloon, or else I'll jump myself out.", Uncle Larry repeats under his breath, " Balloon, Balloon, Balloon." Tina shouts at Mino, " Dare you jump out? ", Mino replies, " Yeah, I dare do that." the girls begin arguing with one another while Uncle Larry is staring at them smiling, now he could recall what happened to him.

 " Google Plus and Pancakes ...  kitchen and Sergey .... airport and father's day... harbor and changing place .... hot-air-balloon and whirlwind .... basketball and darkness ... dream and trailer ... Flora's trailer--" his train of thought interrupts as Parmis says to him, " Let's get off right now."

 The Emergency Landing

Uncle Larry's eyes shine, " We're riding in the trailer, aren't we?" Parmis nods, " That's right."
Uncle Larry, " So Let's tell Mrs. Roberts stops here, we can have a roadside picnic, I'm very hungry, Okay? " Parmis raises one of her eyebrows and looks at him in surprise.
Uncle Larry, " If the vehicle needs stopping, what are you waiting for?"
Parmis mumbles, " We--we aren't in-- this isn't the same trailer."
Tina turns to Uncle Larry, " We don't know the trucker, in fact he's a trafficker, and it's all Parmis's fault, I wanted to land the hot-air-balloon but she didn't allow."
Uncle Larry asks Parmis, " What's what? what she said is true?"
Parmis, " We came across the truck on the way, I'll the story later, now you'd better launch the balloon, because Mino can't control herself anymore, she actually needs to use a bathroom." she points at Mino who sitting on the floor and shaking, her face is redder than tomato.

 Uncle Larry winks at Mino, " If I am not mistaken a river must be nearby." quickly he presses the hidden button, as soon as the balloon envelop comes off the cylinder, the pump air system and the solar panel turn on automatically, a few minutes later the hot-air balloon is ready for flight, Goodbye Gonzalo, will we see you again?  When the balloon lifts off the truck and floats across the blue sky, Uncle Larry says with a laugh, " Sergey has an inventive mind, he does strange things, in my view, this hot-air balloon is his best invention." Parmis admits, " Yes, Uncle Sergey has brains."

After a little flight among giant cactus, the hot-air balloon descends near a pretty river, now they are all alone in the  soft sands and Gonzalo has gone away, he took no notice that a hot-air balloon left his truck and landed a few miles away, Now the desert-man looks how much away!

The little girls are over the moon, first Mino gets off, and runs away in tears to find a restroom, " What a beautiful view! I'm very glad to be on land again." Parmis says happily to the others, Tina sighs deeply, " I wish I could make a perfect video of the Arizona desert.", Uncle Larry grins, " Why not? Go for it! ", Parmis says, " Her iPhone needs charging." Tina purses the lips and Uncle Larry laughs, " I can recharge your iPhone by using the balloon solar panel."
Tina jumps for joy, " Really? thank you so much."
Parmis giggles, " It's nice to travel with a chief engineer."

 While the engineer is busy with the solar panel, the little girls leave the basket to plant themselves in a place, a little while later they succeed to find somewhere nice beneath the shade of cactus, swiftly Armis and Tina fetch their stuff there, soon Mino joins them for help, but Parmis thinks about her present.

 The iPhone battery is filling, Uncle Larry glances at his watch and sighs deeply, it is about 4 o'clock, six hours have gone by and the police haven't found them yet, it is very unusual! He wonders why Sergey had not informed the police of the missing balloon, there is no light in his eyes as he murmurs," Likely they thought that we passed away, I should call 911."

Uncle Larry digs in his jeans pocket for his smartphone, the smartphone isn't there, he searches all of his pockets carefully, there is no good news, they all are empty, then the man seeks the balloon basket carefully, Nothing!

Parmis is dragging her suitcase behind her on the sand that Uncle Larry approaches her, he asks seriously, " Don't pull my leg, Parmis! Where have you hidden my smartphone? "
Parmis, " Oh, you've lost your smartphone? "
Uncle Larry, " I can't fine it."
Parmis, " The wind has blown it out, I guess."
Uncle Larry smiles, " No, my wallet and smartphone were in my pocket, I think I lost them at the harbor."
Someone knows where Uncle Larry's smartphone is?

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