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Sunday, October 18, 2015

That Cute, Smart girl!


​" I'm fed up with swimming." Mahta says to her cousins while she is getting out of the pool. At this warm midday everything looks pretty, the sun is shining brightly in the sky, the birds are chirping happily in the trees, and the girls are swimming noisily in the pool, but the child is walking unhappily on the ceramic floor tiles, it is quite obvious that something is eating her.

Beneath the trees the grandma is napping on a chaise longue, Mahta approaches her and reclines on the adjacent longue with her Nexus tablet, then her resentful look gazes at the white clouds for awhile, Mahta thinks about her smart sister, " Where is that greedy rat now? ... at Google? .... in Uncle Larry's office? ...  Mino is sitting at her desk, and orders googlers smugly? oh, No, No ",  a teardrop shines in her eye,  she remembers a few hours ago when they both separated from each other at the airport; Mino headed Google with the Uncles and left Mahta behind. Little Mahta swallows hard and forces back her tears, she clenches Nexus tablet firmly in her hand, it was a gift from Uncle Larry, and  reminds her of the pleasant days in Google: when European people would like to forget the gone days ,Oh ,what beautiful days! Mahta liked deleting a little bit, but she enjoyed riding her bicycle among Google's trees ,and painting in Uncle GD's office very much.

Mino is really selfish, she always ignores Mahta's feeling, last summer she demanded much money so she made Mahta work at Google, but this summer she needs Mahta no more, because Mino hopes to work at Google as Uncle Larry's adviser, after that Mino will be rich enough and very popular as well, she may bring a Lexus driverless car for Mommy-- the cellphone ring breaks her thoughts, one of the smartphones on the table is too restless, a look of anger crosses of her face, this is her mom's smartphone, and that one is on the line must be Mino,  Mahta can recognize her ringtone well, she turns her sulky look to the swimming pool, no one is near, and Mom can not answer her smartphone, Mahta has to answer the smartphone herself, though she doesn't like this, it is quite obvious that Mino wants to show off her new post: Guess what Mahta? Cute Mino is the Great Larry's adviser, can you imagine? now you are the sister of the smartest girl in the world.

 Mahta gets up from her seat and picks up the smartphone, she touches the green button, her jaw is clenched tight in anger, she can hear Mino's scream for help, " Mommy... Mommy ... Help ... We are lost." a wry smile emerges on Mahta's face, she says nothing, and only listens to her cute sister, a glimmer of hope lights in her heart, quick as a flash her look shifts from the silent grandma to the noisy pool; luckily, no one notices her speaking with Mino, Mahta thinks herself, " Nobody have been lost in Google so far, but it is nice to see your tears, Cute Mino!"

Stealthily Mahta throws the smartphone away, it falls into water with a slight splash, Mahta thinks, grinning, " I'll buy a new smartphone for Mommy, and Mino will miss her new post, when the news spreads Uncle Larry will know how stupid she is."

As soon as Aunt Lilli's smartphone sinks in the swimming pool, all the smartphones start ringing, it makes Mahta a jump, she stares at Grannie's face, she is still napping, Mahta breathes deeply, and sends a virus to her family's devices via email and they all go off, a grin spreads across her face, Nelly, a friends of hers is a smart hacker. 

" I heard the sound of ringing, did my cellphone ring?" the grandma asks as she checks her cellphone, she lets out a bitter sigh, " Why is its screen black?" Mahta points at the sky, " I guess Its face had caught the sun, because she had remained under the sun without sun-cream." the grandma bursts into laughter, and seats Mahta on her knee, Mahta grabs the cellphone quickly and says cleverly, " I'm awfully hungry, Mammana." The grandma looks upwards, the sun is just in the heart of the sky, she pats the grandchild softly on her head, " Oh, I fell asleep and forgot to cook lunch-- Come on, get up from my knee, soon I'll cook a delicious meal for you."

Mahta keeps sitting on her knee, " I like kebab, Mammana."
The grandma laughs, " Kebab?  Tonight We'll go out to have kebab, Okay?"
Mahta purses her lips, " No, I want to have kebab right now."
A wrinkle forms between Grannie's eyes, " Get up, Mahta."
Mahta rises ,and shouts, " Kebab... Kebab... I want kebab."
The grandma, " Be patient and think about your sister and cousins who are not here right now."

Mahta stamps her feet, " No, I'm hungry now, besides Aunt Mary will watch a football match on TV in the evening, so we can not go out, Please, Mammana, I'm awfully hungry."
The grandma is very friendly, she never gets mad at children, " OK, then call the others."

Mahta kisses her softly, after putting on her dress, she races towards the pool at high speed and calls the rest of the family, " Come here, it's lunchtime."
Ayda with Aynaz along with the mothers comes out of the swimming pool, while they are wearing their clothes, Mahta is keeping on eye on the table, when everyone is ready, quick as a flash she places the aunts' smartphones into their purses, she grabs the purses, and runs out of the house, the grandma says, " Hurry up, this child is too hungry."

They divide to two groups, and get into the cars, the children with Aunt Samy in her auto, and rest of the family in the Aunt Lilli's auto, when the car starts moving, Mahta whispers into Ayda's ear, " Can you keep a secret?"
Ayda nods her head, " Yeah."
Mahta, " They are lost."

Ayda's eyes grow big," Oh, No, we must tell Mommy."
Mahta, " Don't be silly, No one get lost at Google, Unlucky, they'll return in the afternoon."
Ayda, " That's too bad! "
Mahta grins, " No, Now everyone understands Mino isn't as smart as she has pretended."
Ayda, " Right!"

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