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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Prettier Face

Parmis, " Oh, you've lost your smartphone? "
Uncle Larry, " Yes, I can't find it."
Parmis, " The wind must have blown it out, I guess."
Uncle Larry smiles, " No, my wallet and smartphone were in my pocket, I think I lost them at the harbor."

The child lets her suitcase go first, then shouts at the Uncle, " Uncle Larry! Forget your smartphone-- Let's go, the family is very important, they're waiting for us."

Uncle Larry, ignoring her word, sends her a glare that is full of suspicion, " Is this your plan?"

Parmis feels confused, " How do you mean, Uncle? "
The judge crouches down to the criminal's level, looks her in the eye and asks firmly, " Father's day? It is a surprise, isn't it? Tell the whole truth? "

Parmis brings a bitter smile on her face, raises her voice " No, Uncle! you are wrong about me." pointing at the suitcase she adds, " This is my plan."

Uncle Larry looks around, says smirking, " Where is your uncle Sergey? I guess he is here ... We've lost for six hours.... Isn't it odd that anybody isn't worried about us? "

Parmis responds somewhat fast, " This isn't my fault- we lost contact with Mrs. Roberts, because the radio was no good."

Uncle Larry narrows his eyes at her, " Then the radio is guilty? how about the smartphone? "

Parmis begins crying loudly, " I don't know- I only know that I don't tell lie, I'm not a liar, believe me-- I was very worried about your health... I.. I tried to download Feech to wake up you, if in doubt ask Tina? " 

Uncle Larry's cheeks glow as he feels guilty, " Sorry, I didn't mean that- I never doubted about your honesty."

Wiping her tears, she tells, " Really? I knew-- This time I forgive you, because you were in the heat for long hours and in my view, your head is hurt."

Uncle Larry only glares at the little girl silently, the child feels embarrassed, however, she doesn't like to keep arguing. " Uncle! Don't waste your time, Let's go." Parmis says as she runs away.

Uncle Larry grabs the suitcase handle angrily and follows Parmis. Yet he has not gone a few feet away, he stops, " What's inside it? It's too heavy."
Parmis jumps of joy, " Your present."

After lunch, Parmis says, " Please, Open your Present." Uncle Larry is so surprised what is inside the suitcase, he gets much surprised as he sees the ice-cream sticks, " What are these?"
Mino, " Let's start."
Uncle Larry, " What?"
Parmis, " What do people usually do with Popsicle sticks?"
Uncle Larry looks puzzled, " I don't know."
Parmis, " Handcraft, Take a look on the YouTube, you can find lots of videos about it, we watched 2 videos and got 20 ideas."
Uncle Larry, " Thank you, I never have such a present."

Tina hands a small gift, " Just for you, Uncle."
All the eyebrows are raised when Uncle Larry drops the wrapper on the ground, " Gee, A Toothpaste?!"
Tina laughs, " I discovered that Smile makes your face prettier, So Don't forget to brush your teeth after meals."

Each of them craft a boat, then float them on the river, Uncle Larry's boat wins, After handcraft, they take some pictures with pretty cactus and pick the wild flower, and have fun.

The sun is downing in the sky, Uncle Larry looks up at the sky, " Well, it's time to go."
Parmis, " I like to stay a little more."

Uncle Larry, " Sorry, we must reach the nearest town before dark."
So the children place their belongings into the balloon and Uncle Larry sets up the balloon.The desert glows coppery in the late afternoon sun and the passengers are ready for flight.

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