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Sunday, November 1, 2015



Suppose you find a genie lamp, sitting on the sand. You touch it, excited. Suddenly a djinn pops out who can grant you a wish. Wow! That's Fabulous, isn't it? This happened to Vendor Larry.

Tina's luxury yacht lying at anchor in the bay, Tina herself was about twenty feet away, while her friends were gathering around her, she was drying her hair. As Gloria was on the phone Uncle Sergey was busy with his smartphone. Uncle Larry was leaning against the yacht watching the passing ships, his wallet was sticking out of his pants pocket, at the same time a balloon vendor named Larry, wandering around.

Larry was a young man with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He has been working as a balloon vendor since leaving school.  Larry was really hard-working and his perfectly suntanned skin showed this. He was on the beach all day long so as to sell the balloons. But his hard-working was no use, the young man always had money troubles. Even his ex-wife left him for this reason.

After watching the News early this morning, Vendor Larry said to himself, " Wow! a treasure! this is an especial day! I must go there right away .. Right! the port isn't always this busy so I can sell lots of balloons easily.", so he headed for the harbor hastily.

 Larry was right, the dock was very overcrowded. Then the first thing came to mind that must have stood out in the crowd such a man, however it didn't happened, and the balloons couldn't bring any joy to the messy port, and as the people's mind were occupied by the Gem Freezer, the man with his balloons bunch was never seen. Even the kids didn't see him, because they found something more interesting in the sky.

Suddenly the Glass hot-air-balloon emerged in the sky, Mino shouted, " Look, Rocky is here!", at once the children raced to the balloon and the Uncles followed them at high speed, Uncle Larry didn't notice his smartphone fell out of his pocket on the way. The tribe hard got through the crowd and got closer to the hot-air balloon. Then they climbed into the basket as it was just above them. Finally Gloria's daddy and Rocky jumped off and the hot-air balloon flew off.

The seller tired to entice the treasure hunters, he shouted, " My friends! If I were you, I wouldn't go to the sea--No kidding! you have no chance, yes, you're wasting your time, there is just a freezer for lots of hunters, besides the ocean is too dangerous-- Guess what I have a solution, Look! these aren't ordinary balloons, they will bring you Good Luck." the men got by him, smirking. None of them bought something but Rocky, he bought a pink balloon.

Larry, Standing in the middle of the dock, shouted, " Shop just one-- just one.", the treasure hunters were racing to go on the ships bumping into Larry, and indifferently getting by the colorful balloons glittering in the sunlight, someone told Larry, " Do you really expect us to believe your saying? if these are the magic balloons, what are you waiting for? "The vendor wondered, " What he said is right, I'll find the freezer and become rich."

Larry called his wife to say goodbye," Julia, Be happy! Soon you'll be wealthy for the rest of your life, I'm going to sea for finding the freezer."
Julia said with a laugh, " Great! we'll be there in five minutes."
Larry, " No, you needn't come, Honey! the strong sunlight is harmful to children."
A slight feeling of suspicion crept over Julia, she remembered Lora's husband died in a crash last week, maybe Larry and Lora planned to run away together, so she said firmly, " You can always count on my help, I never leave you alone, Larry! So I'll come with you. Don't worry about the children! your mother can look after them."

Larry was talking to a sailor when Julia with the twins hit the harbor.The twins were crying loudly, the daddy encouraged them to burst the balloons. The children were busy with the balloons, the father was sitting away that his heavy lids dropped over his eyes, and he fell asleep.

A short time later, the smartphone ringing broke his nape, he sleepily searched around for the cellphone and found it on the ground; Larry answered the smartphone, he thought he heard his ex-wife voice, and Lora was on the phone, Larry was excited and said to her, " I will back a week from now, and I'll see you in the coffee shop."

Suddenly Julia appeared behind him, and asked angrily, "who are you calling to?"
 Larry winced ? ,"None."
Julia garbed the headset, " what is this? do you have two cellphones?"
Larry was puzzled, he looked at the mobile for one minute, then he started laughing, " No, it isn't for me, I made a mistake."
Julia screamed , " so it isn't yours, I know you are cheating on me, Now watch what I do with you luxury smartphone," she flung the mobile into the ocean with all her strength, but the mobile dropped on a ship deck leaving the port.
Larry kept laughing, " believe me, Julia! it wasn't my cellphone, I found it on the ground."
Julia burst into tears, " I know that you will remarried Lora,  you still love her, how ...... after all I did for your children."
It was a year ago, when Lora left Larry, and Julia came into his heart, Larry loved Lora very much, they had two beautiful girls, Larry sold balloon to manage their life, but Lora was unpleasant, she couldn't live on $ 10 a day, she always grumbled, one day when Larry went back home, Lora was sitting at the computer crying aloud.

Larry asked, " what happened?
Lora, " I lost the connection with server."
Larry laughed, " No problem, Don't waste your time with browsing the web."
Lora," I can't stand it."
Larry, " I have a chocolate bar, Let's eat it together."

Lora, " I don't like,  chocolate makes me break out.Take care of the twins, I have to leave you forever."
A grin spread across Larry's face, he wondered that Lora was joking, but tomorrow evening when Larry returned home, Lora wasn't there, she had gone forever.

A week later they were divorced, and Lora was remarried to an internet service provider owner, it put her mind at rest, because she never lost the connection with server. Heartbroken Larry took his friend's car and drove away for miles, suddenly his car broke down near the redwood forest, Larry left the car and decided to be lost himself in the woods.

It was dark and Larry was shaking with fear, so he shouted loudly, " Please, Turn on the lights. I'm afraid of darkness."
All at once the darkness disappeared, and an angel emerged, " I'm Julia, it seems you are lost?"
Larry nodded, " That's right."
Julia," You are in luck, I know the way but I can just save a single man's life. "
Larry, " I'm single now."
Julia laughed, " Good, I save your life, so will you marry me?"
Larry accepted,and they married as they arrived home, the twins loved Julia, though she was badly serious, she was smart and beautiful. However, Larry thought about his ex sometimes.
Larry replied, " You are in wrong, Julia! I didn't call Lora, she called herself. And I talked to her because she just missed her husband."
Julia, " It's none of your business."
Larry, " Have a heart, she is sad now, I guess she will kill herself soon."
Julia screamed, " No, I'll kill her, if you cheat on me. "
Larry, " Calm down, July! I wouldn't go to the coffee shop, I just tried to bypass her. But you shouldn't have thrown away that smartphone, we should have found its owner."

Julia, " Come on, It's time to go. the fishing-boat doesn't wait for us."

vendor Larry kissed his girls, and jumped on the boat to find the treasure chest. While the boat was sailing away, Larry still  looked back to see Lora, he thought Lora was nearby and watching him, he was certain the smartphone belonged to Lora, maybe Lora missed him and wanted to speak with him, Now she must be depressed and alone, because her wealthy husband was dead.

Of course, Vendor Larry was wrong, the smartphone was Uncle Larry's, and Lora was on Hawaii.

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