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Sunday, November 22, 2015


The room is so silent that the clock ticking can be hear, the book is lying open on the table. Martin is sitting mute in his chair, staring upset at the book. This is his favorite book, so why he is bored?

Martin checks his smartphone again, no good news, Martin lets out a bitter sigh! he has been looking forward to hearing Parmis since this morning, the smartphone rings and makes him a jump, he shouts happily, but his happiness doesn't last, and his eyes get wide with horror. Martin despairs of the voice from the other side, he can recognizes Mary's voice, and wonders what happened to Parmis?

Mary says, " Hello, Martin. I'm sorry to call so late, but I should ask you something?"
Martin, " No problem, what's the matter?"
Mary, " Have you spoken with Parmis recently?"
Martin, " Yes, this morning, she called me, but the call went off. I tried to call her again but there was no reply."
Mary, " When?"
Martin, " At 10 O'clock, I was at the airport."
Mary, " Well, At that time they were safe in the sky, next the wind drifted the balloon to the harbor, and they went to the sea. Didn't she call you from the board?"
Martin is shocked, " Sea? But why?!"
Mary, " She went after the freezer, haven't you heard anything about that?"
Martin, " Freezer? what's that?"
Mary, " Oh, it was a present for her uncle that dropped into the sea."
Martin feels his eyes fill with tears, " So Parmis won't come to Canada tomorrow, will she?"
Mary sighs, " I don't know. I just wanted to ask you."
Martin, " No, Parmis never bypasses me. We will be supposed to meet each other at the airport tomorrow."
Mary, " Right, I can't believe her unexpected trip."
Martin checks Parmis's page quickly, " If she's traveling, where are her selfies? she always posts selfies to Facebook, I'm going to San Fransisco tomorrow."
Mary, " All right, I'll go to the harbor tomorrow morning."

All the friends can hear wedding bells

Sergey and Gloria sit planning for their wedding, Gloria says, " I must look very beautiful on my wedding day." Sergey, " Oh, Don't worry, as you are very beautiful right now."
Just at the moment the glass door opens, and Tina's parents jump into the coffee shop excitedly, they scan the shop for Tina, and then shout, " Where is Tina? where is our little girl?"
Sergey turns pale, he says, " She's gone away, I thought you knew about her trip."

The parents are wide-eyed now, Sergey adds, " She and her close friends." Tina's mother asks, " Where did she go?"
Sergey, " They went in search of the freezer."
The Mother sits in a chair, her head in hands," oh, she was very upset about it, she felt guilty, we shouldn't have left her alone."
The father shakes his head sadly," Who did she go with?"
Sergey, " With Larry and her close friends."

The mother nods, " I can't call her then?"
Sergey, " I don't know, I guess they don't have reception on the board."
The father, " Oh, I see, but she could call from the ship phone, couldn't she?"
Sergey, " Well, maybe they were tired, you'd better wait until tomorrow, she'll call surly."

The parents accept his offer, they are going towards the door that the telephone rings, Flora picks up the phone, then calls Sergey, " Mahta want you on the phone, Sergey."

One of his eyebrows is raised in surprise, he grabs the phone to talk to Mahta. The little girl tells all the story, from Mino's call to her aunt's worry. Sergey is surprised at the news, he says to Mahta, " Don't worried, I'll go to the harbor tomorrow morning. Please Don't tell anyone, especially Parmis's mom."
Mahta promises him and cuts off.

Tina family is watching Sergey with worry, he checks Larry's mobile location on the Google map, his smartphone had been on the board, but he gets so astonished as checks the children's cell phones, they had been in the desert last time. 

Sergey tells the whole truth to Tina's parents, his father says, " So we'll search for them in the sea tomorrow, and how about you?"
Sergey, " And I'll search for them in the desert by air, but keep it secretly."
They agree, and set off for their yacht.

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