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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Light the Torch

Mr. Assistant was glowing with pride, "Thank you. My twins also like it very much, it makes them happy. Tina produced this film." 
 --,"Wow! what is your favorite TV commercial?"

--"Light the Torch, a funny TV commercial for Feech, it's appeared on all TV channels for kids, it's a hit with viewers... wait, I have the video on my phone."
"Enjoy, it's a five-minute video." Mr. Assistant said as he handed his smartphone to his friend. A sweet smile came to Uncle Larry's lips, now he was ready to watch the video.

A magnificent view of the Mountain Damavand. Tehran is spread out beneath the foot of the Damavand, skyscrapers and tall buildings of white granite rose straight out of the ground, filled the blue sky. 
A stadium overlooking the Azadi Tower,  and one hundred soccer fans who pack into the stadium to watch the match between Blue and Green.
Kiarash plays on the Blue team. Armis, Parmis and Mino are in the stands and watch the game. Kiarash shoots the ball high into the air. The ball falls straight to the feet of Arash, his cousin. He is wearing a Blue soccer jersey. Arash kicks the ball into the goal.
Goal, Goal, the second goal for Blues. Parmis bounces up and down.The fans are so excited. The Blue wins by two goals to one. Parmis, Armis and Mino begin to dance.

"What a fan ad! I've never watched it before, I only watch the news and car racing." Uncle Larry said as he handed back the smartphone to his friend.

Mr. Assistant bent down to pluck a dandelion clock from the grass, then blew on it as hard as he could, and said to Larry, "It's one o'clock by my dandelion clock."

Uncle Larry said, grinning, "Nine times out of ten you are wrong. we arrived the castle gate at five, and it's about two hours that we're walking around the castle fields. Then, it must be seven thirty."
Mr. Assistant nodded, "Yeah, my watch is 390 minutes slow."

The sward led to a lake. A wooden bridge stretched from the grass to the little castle. Just as they stepped on the bridge, a massive display of fireworks lighted the sky. Mr. Assistant looked up at the sky, it was a warm welcome to them. Uncle Larry pointed at his tablet happily, "Google Maps says it's the end of our trip. Let's race to the castle."
Mr. Assistant shook his head, "No, I'm tired."
Uncle Larry, "So let me take your basket."
Mr. Assistant, "No, Thank you. I'm only too happy to help you."


When they reached the end of the bridge,  suddenly the bridge went off. Mr. Assistant jumped up more than one feet.

As they stopped at the green door, Mr. Assistant said, "Parmis used to make the sand castle earlier, now she makes real castle. She scares me, you should speak to her." 

Uncle Larry, checking the keypad which set in the castle door, said, "That's a nice idea, I'll hide her Christmas present in a good place, and make her search for them seven days."

Uncle Larry glanced at the blue hyacinth and their lime green ribbon, now the number "80012" on the ribbon seemed fully meaningful. As soon as Uncle Larry inserted the code, the door opened, and they entered the building.


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