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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Why do Dandelion clocks tell different time to different people?

Uncle Larry pretended to tie the leaves of greenery with a knot, but in fact he pressed the soles of his shoes softly on the center of the shoestrings heart, at that point a flash of lighting lit the sky, and the dense forest vanished as suddenly as it had appeared. 

Mr. Assistant asked, "What happened?" 
Uncle Larry smiled, "If bring two electric wires together, you'll produce a flash. Just as we arrived here, I checked the shoestrings and found out they were electric wires not shoelaces."
Mr. Assistant, "Oh, I see. You are really smart. There are a couple of questions about Sizdah Be-dar that I want to ask you."
Uncle Larry replied somewhat hastily, "Ask Wikipedia. All I know about Sizdah Be-dar are: lie of the thirteen, picnic outdoors, tying the leaves of the greenery and discarding the greenery into running water," he looked up at the sky for a moment, then said,"Let's go, we're gonna be late."
The sneakers sounded a little unhappy as the men walked away.

A Beautiful moonlit night
The sward was bathed in the moonlight, Uncle Larry and his friend were walking through the grass, bantering about Glass. As the night breeze blew across the plain, and the air was fragrant with scent of grass, the seeds of dandelions were blown away.
In the moonbeam, a flying fluff danced, danced, danced, then landed on the bunch of flowers, put a smile on Larry's face, took him back to his childhood and filled him with nostalgic happiness, when he could tell the time by a dandelion clock. Uncle Larry glanced at his watch, the hands of the watch were still, he shook the watch to see if it would work, he let out a long sigh, and turned to his assistant, "My watch keeps on stopping! Can you tell me the time?"
 Mr. Assistant, "No, I'm afraid. I don't have a watch."
Larry's eyebrows were raised in surprise, "But I thought you had a watch."
--, "No, I didn't. I rely on my smartphone to check the time, and it's surprising that it has displayed the wrong time, since we left our vehicle."
--, "My smartphone is the same. Why, why did you lie me about that commercial?"
Mr. Assistant asked, "Lie, Commercial?"
Uncle Larry looked him in the eye, "Did you forget? over there, in the snowy room, you told me that your favorite commercial would be on air, then the whole story was made up?"
--, "No, I was telling the truth. It was about seven o'clock, I could hear the clock ticking. I don't know how it happens, it just happens to me every evening: Right 12 minutes before seven o'clock at night, my heart randomly starts beating fast, I have butterflies in my stomach, I feel so nervous that I begin to stamp my feet. 6 minutes have passed when I clap my hands together 20 times,laugh and sit in front of the television. At 6:58, I reach for the remote, then flip through the channels as my eyes blink constantly, like fluorescent lamps in the department store. In the end, I wave my hand and say, "Hi!", it's time to show the commercial." 
Larry looked shocked at what his assistant expressed, "How odd!"
Mr. Assistant laughed, "Yeah, it seems that I have sense of advertising."
Uncle Larry, "Great! we need the people like you in Google."



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