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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A little lie-1

Hi Parmis

      You know that the prices are increasing and we should increase our income, therefore I’m reading an e-book about Internet marketing. Its name is “The Internet marketing Game plan” by “James Molfetas”. There is useful information about ways for making money by Internet. some chapters are about marketing, when I have read these chapters , I have remembered a memory about myself, marketing and a lie, Now I would like to write it.

     When I was 18 years old, I was looking for a good job. I was buying a newspaper and I was looking for a job in newspaper, then I called them, sometimes my little sister helped me. Oneday she told me that she found a great work and give me a piece of paper. She has written down address on it-"Next to sh  pharmacy-Soqrat intersection-Robab karim"- I look at it . ”sh Pharmacy .What does this mean?” I told her. She told me that she couldn’t write all of address because she was a child, we couldn’t call the office because It was afternoon, but I decided that I go there.

The next morning I went to the work. I don’t know where is it? Therefore I asked a bus driver “how can I go to Robab Karim?” (b With a low voice) why? Because of I guessed the address was wrong.
-“Robat Karim” he said
-“Yes” I said

    Then driver explained for me that address is on the south of Tehran, It’s far from here and I had to take some buses. I thank him for his help. In before noon, I arrived at Robat karim. Now, I should find Soqrat intersection ,many women were on the bus, I decided to ask them my address ….

Well, the e-book was advised us such as: that our blog should be up to date. Therefore I decide that I become a little more update , As a result I divide my memories because I don’t want to run out of them.

                       Best wishes


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