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Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hi Parmis

Happy new year, Today is the first Sunday of 2013, when a year  has finished , we think about what we have done in the year and we make new decisions for new year. I think when we can reach our purposes that we have confidence from ourselves, therefore I’m studying a small book about it. The book’s name is “confidence “by “Barbara De Angelis .PhD.”

What I understand

Everyone does something better than others, but everyone has weakness. If you have sure felling that you can do everything it is meaning of confidence.
There are three type of confidence: manner, sensitive, mental confidence. We should be good in all of them. Kind behavior towards ourselves helps us to find self-reliance. Egoism is different from confidence.

Many people don’t know that they kill their dreams because they fear to face up to the difficulties .We fear that we will fail and others laugh at us, therefore we limit our vision and choose the smallest dream, although we reach it easily but we lie to ourselves and our really confidence was disappeared .

Perhaps, you don’t believe, but to have no confidence has also some advantages for us, because we are alike others and many people like miserable persons and they pay attention to us, therefore we always try to become a miserable person.

As a result, everyone has confidence in him/herself, only he/she should wake up it. We can face up our fears only we should begin and shouldn’t fear from failure. Maybe, we fail but keep on our way. We try to work harder and studying better until our wish come true.
Well, I remember a funny memory about this word. Many years ago, in driving class, our teacher asked a question us:” why shouldn’t we drink alcohol during driving?”
A boy answered:”Because alcohol gives us confidence and maybe we do dangerous work.”
We laughed at him and teacher stared at him and then “visionary confidence” he told him.

I hope that I and others find self-reliance and live with happiness.

At last I thank our president for his troubles. May, one day we have a red calendar (no working day)

                                With love



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