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Monday, January 14, 2013

A little lie-2

Hi Parmis

This is continuation of memory. 

     I asked them with a low voice: “Excuse me, Where is Soqrat intersection?” One of them said:"Sohrab intersection, I go there,too"

    I thought myself that she knew sh pharmacy, therefore I said again: “do you know a pharmacy there?” She told me there is a pharmacy, and then she told me: “where are you going to go?”
I didn’t know what I say. I was embarrassing to look for job, therefore I said, I went to our relative home, this was my lie. She was surprised and said: “They are very carefree and they should give you right address” I wanted to laugh at her but I couldn’t.

    When we arrived at the right station; she told me that her house was here .suddenly I become a poor person. I was very soon as we got off the bus; I saw the pharmacy and sign of office. I was happy and told her: “thanks, I can go myself.” But she didn’t leave me.

How do you think about? What do I do?

                          Best wishes 


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