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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Internet marketing Gameplane


Essentially, there are a number of different forms that your products can take. We will first look at the formats and them we will brain storm examples of the different formats.


The book is the oldest information product available. Today the physical book has mostly been superseded by a digital product also known as an “eBook”.
The most common form is a PDF document which can be read by anyone with a computer. People who do not have the Microsoft Word program (or similar) on their computer may not be able to read the PDF for free.
After creating your mast5er piece in a word processor such as Microsoft Word , there are many programs that are available to simply convert that document into a PDF at the click at a button. These programs are free.
This is important because people cannot easily edit a PDF like they can a Microsoft Word document. Most free programs will not allow adequate protection of the document, which means that people could convert the PDF to some other format and edit it that way. There are commercial programs such as Adobe that will allow you to protect your content.

For many years, the written word reigned supreme .However in recent times; video products have made the greatest impact. All of today’s top marketers produce video products. This is because customers would much prefer to watch an hour long video than spend a day reading the PDF.

It is also much easier to show your customers step-by-step what you are trying to teach them. Videos also have the highest perceived value. You can often sell a video version of the PDF for 10 times more.

Almost every successful internet marketer today produces screen capture video. There is fantastic software available that allows you to record everything that you see and hear on your computer screen. The  most popular form that this takes is creating a PowerPoint presentation and then recording the screen while recoding the audio and then producing a video .For internet marketing applications, one can show customers exactly how one performs certain functions .Very powerful stuff!

If you are going to create videos you really should consider investing in commercial screen capture software. Techsmith produces the premier product called Camtasia, which is available for PC and Mac. The videos that you are can download for free with this book were produced using Camtasia.

You can download the videos here:


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