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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The little lie-3

Dear Parmis

This is continuous of my memory.
       A man was standing there, as soon as he saw us, he said the woman you should not allow your daughter to work at this place. The woman was surprised and said: “what are you saying? I don’t understand”.
      The man said here is an office and everyone come here, he was wondered, while they were talking together, I left immediately there and went in office. I talked to manager; he was a handsome man with blue eyes. He said me that I should sell their stuff to every store and I accepted it. 
     It was the shortest work that I had it. I worked there only two days. I got up every morning and from morning to night I was looking for a customer; I went to every store until I would sell my stuff. All of them were kind towards me, but I could not find even one customer, because of I was shy. Everywhere I went; they advised me to give up my job and went to university, but I do not want it; I need to a work; some offered me another jobs.
    Finally, I decided to leave my work, I talked to my manager, he suggested me to stay there for a short time, but I did not accept it. It was my story of my lie. That day I was so embarrassed and I promised myself that don’t tell lie and I ‘m trying to do it .although it isn’t easy. 
  However, I dislike lies and like honest people. Recently I found an Internet
marketer .he makes video for YouTube .his name is Gideon Shalwick  .At the first I sent him an e-mail with a different name I thought that my name is not very important for learning his lessons, but when I received my reply, I saw that he wrote my really name ( I already have sussed that he knew my name ) I didn't tell him about it, but I understood that he is a honest person and honesty is always good, although I understand that I shouldn't  always tell truth today, sometimes we must hide the truth.
If you want to learn how make a video , you can watch his video here:

Don't remember that you write your really name.

                         Best wishes 


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