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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thank you

Hi everyone!

I do know that I promised to stay up to date, but I was ill last week and I ate nothing for three days. I was disappointed and depressed and wanted to write nothing, to forget this blog,

But when I remembered it, I was crying. finally, Thursday I realized that I love my blog and I can't forget it, even if they are kidding me, therefore I decide to write again, but I don't write about increase of prices again,..

Now, I do know that someone don't like it, therefore it’s better that we hide the truth, then I say everything is great here.

However, I thank you and also Mozilla-when I read its newsletter I remember that now is a new year and I must begin a new way-and Google for its e-books. I wish that you help me and correct my mistakes, also I hope I would soon be able to write well, and no mistake.

                  Best regards
                 Mary Tinat


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