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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A List of different names for your Business Page

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Here is a FULL List of all the different Fan pages you might want to create
for them to go "viral".

I love it when its FRIDAY and you can just relax all day in front of the TV
I love sleeping on Sundays and not doing anything!
I love relaxing in front of the gas fire, when it is cold and windy outside
I hate it when you talk to someone and in the middle of the convo theres a
weird silence!
I hate it when you're the only one talking on the bus when someone calls you
Love holding onto my partner in the morning and cuddling!
I love it when an ice cream is half melted and you eat it.
I love it when chocolate is half melted and it tastes nice.
If we have 500k people my friend MAX will quit smoking!
I hate it when you are driving in a crappy car and the car in front of you
is much better
I hate it when tall people tower above you and you feel like crap!

These are just some of the viral types of Fan pages you can create.
Remember people will join your fan page if they can relate to something.
Some of the Fan pages are so simple but powerful because people can relate
to them. These events are occurring in our everyday lives.
Always try to create a fan page that is unique and has never been done
Once your Fan page goes viral you will find it will end up having a "snow
ball" effect and you will not need to do any promotion.

                               HOT Ideas For VIRAL Fan pages
                                     by Bertus Engelbrecht

Want to learn about more ways to market with Facebook?

                                    Best regards
                                       M.T[image: Inline image 2]


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