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Monday, July 15, 2013

I love getting paid from work and seeing my bank balance going up! (HOT Ideas for VIRAL Fan pages)


Here is a FULL List of all the different Fanpages you might want to create for them to go "viral".


I hate it when a person blows smoke in my face!

I love rubbing my feet against my quilt at night and stay warm!

I LOVE it when it rains at night and I can hold my pillow tight and fall asleep!

I love the taste of chocolate when its melted!

I hate it when my glasses get steamed up cos of the RAIN!!

I hate it when you kiss someone and then there's an awkward silence

I hate people who miss call you because they don't have airtime!

I hate it when my boyfriend looks at other girls when he's out with me

I hate it when people stare at you when you are eating!

I hate people who talk loud on buses!

I hate sitting next to strangers on buses!

I hate people who wind you up then apologise!

I LOVE waking up to the sound of birds singing outside.

I love holding my partner in bed when it is raining outside.

I hate it when your boyfriend calls you FAT!

I LOVE it when I catch people back chatting about me when they are totally unaware !

I love kissing my partner with my tongue!

I hate it when people snore at night and then end up waking you up.

I hate the sound of screaming kids outside when you are trying relax

I love walking in the rain on cold winters day.

I hate it when people get excited and scream just because they have won something!

I hate seeing other people win the Lottery – it pisses me off!

You look like Joker from BATMAN with your make up!

I love getting paid from work and seeing my bank balance going up!




HOT Ideas For VIRAL Fan pages

by Bertus Engelbrecht


                                 Best Regards



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