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Monday, July 1, 2013

HOT Ideas For VIRAL Fan pages -1

What are viral facebook fanpages and why should you create them?

Don't know what facebook fanpages are?

Facebook, a social networking site with over 500 million users, has set up a system where you can add a page to their site.  This page could be a site for your business, for you as a person, for a charity or cause or anything else you would like. 
For us internet marketers, we use it to target a niche or product group that we can market to.
By having a fanpage like this, you can invite people to "like" or join your fanpage.  These people can then invite all their facebook friends to also join your facebook fanpage.  This means that the more people that like your page, the more people would see that their friends "liked" your page.  This can cause your page to go viral, meaning it will keep on getting massive amounts of fans without you having to invite anyone.
So what do you do after you have a fanpage with thousands of fans?
You monetize it, meaning you create a way that you can profit from it.  This is so easy, because you can post an update on the fanpage, which your fans will see on their facebook news feed.  This means that every time you make an update, thousands of people would see your update or advertisement and potentially hundreds of them could click on them, of which many will buy your product or complete your offer, which in turn would make you money.
And this is where the beauty of facebook fanpages lie.  If you can create a huge fanpage with lots of fans, the sky is the limit on how many ways you can profit with this fanpage.
With my Facebook Fanpage Blueprint, I show you step-by-step how you can create a viral fanpage from scratch, with secrets to get hordes of ready-to-buy fans and how to monotize it for huge profits.

                              HOT Ideas For VIRAL Fan pages
                                   by Bertus Engelbrecht

                                             Best Regards



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