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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Science of twitter




Twitter is one of the popular social media. Here are some helpful points to increase your followers. These results were found by analysis of Twitter accounts with more than 1 million followers with accounts fewer.


Do not think of "engaging in the conversation" on Twitter as a way of building on gathering and sharing much interesting, relevant content as you can.


Take the time to fill out your Twitter bio. Users want to know who you are before they'll follow you. Use the effect words in your bio. (Official, Founder, Speaker, Expert, Guru, Author) .Remember the bio is the only place you should be talking about yourself.



If you're using Twitter as a marketing channel, with the goal of building a large audience of engaged followers who often share your content, you'll be best served by focusing on sharing a lot of interesting content, rather than replying to every message you get.


Calls to action work in all forms of marketing, and social media is no different. If you want more retweets, ask for them.


The tweets posted between 3 PM and 5 PM Eastern time have the highest retweets and the best time for getting retweets is at the end of the business day: On Friday afternoon


Nobody wants to retweet you if you're simply saying the same things everyone else is saying. If you want me to share your content, you need to say something new, something I ( and my followers) haven't heard- or read-before. Here are Most Retweetable words and Phrases: ( You, Twitter, Please, retweet, Post, blog, Social, free, media, help, please retweet, great, social media, 10, follow, how to, top, blog post, check out, new blog post.) and Least Retweetable Words:( game, going, haha, lol, but, watching, work, home, night, well, sleep, gonna, hey, tomorrow, tired, some, back, bored)



                          The Science of Marketing

                           By Dan  2ARRELLA



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