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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Message to Space

It was the last week of Esfand, and Parmis was getting ready for Nowruz, the Persian new year, and as Uncle Sergey and Gloria had journeyed into space for their honeymoon, Parmis decided to have a chat with Uncle Larry ....

Uncle Larry, "How about Haft-Seen? you're ready for The Robotic Tournament, aren't you?"
Parmis, "It's good enough, but we can't attend the robotic competition this year."
---, "Why?"
Parmis sighed deeply, "Because my mentor is in space now."
---, "Right, I forgot."
---, "Where is he now? I've not had a chat with him for about two months, I miss him."
---, " Me too."
---, " Well, I wonder whether.... I wonder whether can we send a message to him? have you seen that amazing Hyundai Genesis TV spot?"
---,"Which one?"
--, " A Message to space."
--, "I don't think so."
--, "Really? that's too bad! how could you miss it? you'd better watch it as soon as possible."
--, "Because I like its idea, it was about a girl who was missed her astronaut father, she thought about writing a message on the desert floor, the Hyundai  Company liked Stephanie's idea, so eleven Hyundai Genesis wrote her message on the desert floor. Wow, that was wonderful! Can you do the same for me?"

Uncle Larry looked so surprised, "Writing a message on the desert?"
Parmis nodded," Yeah, there is a very very big desert at our island that you can write my message for Uncle Sergey on it."
Uncle Larry, "I don't know, I'm not sure that we can do that, I must consult with my assistant on it."

---, "You can, I'm certain you can do everything... I think Char-Shanbe-Suri is the bast day for sending my message, I'd like to light such a large bonfire that Uncle Sergey and Aunt Gloria can see it from space."

Uncle Larry let out a small sigh and said to himself, "Oh, My God! Again Parmis and her idea!", then smiled at the little girl and responded, "That sound fun, we'll do it, bye now."

Uncle Larry talked to his assistant. Mr. Assistant was not certain that their Self-driving cars were as fast as the Hyundai Genesis, but when his chief said that a professional assistant of your ability would easily do this, Mr. Assistant's eyes sparkled with excitement and he tried to write a message with self-driving cars on the island floor. Of course, it was very very difficult, Mr. Assistant succeeded though.

* Char-Shanbe-Suri: The Last Wednesday Of The Year In Iranian Calendar

Today is my Birthday, I really thank you all for your patience,attention and Love.



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