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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Set the Haft-Seen Table

It was spring, and the colorful flowers were our garden's guests again. The green leaves had sun in their eyes, while the yellow cherries enjoyed sunbathing. The little swallows were invited to the party,  too, and the breeze knew to entertain them, it had covered all over the lawn with sweet mulberries. The birds were pecking at the mulberries and singing happily; they are looking forward to tasting the red cherries in the following week.

The window was half-open, the breeze came in, fluttered the silk curtains, filled the room with the aroma of blossoms and flowers, and made a little wave on my lemonade. I was sitting at  my desk, writing a letter to my editor, that the second unexpected guest entered, Parmis's ball jumped into the room and hit me. My forehead wrinkled in a frown, I let out a small sigh and picked it up. Soon Parmis appeared in the room, and asked me for her ball, " I'm really sorry, Haft-Seen didn't mean that!" I didn't like to be mad at her, so threw the ball to her, Parmis thanked and jumped out as quickly.

My eyes fell on the tall glass on the table, the green lemonade with ice cubes enticed me, so I raised the glass to my lips and drank just a sip, shook the glass, and stared at the ice cubes were dancing in it, they reminded my of my last story which was about a icy town. A sweet, soft smile emerged on my face, because it was awarded me a lovely prize, I placed the glass back on the desk, began searching the uncluttered desk for my prize. Finally, I found that beautiful snow globe, then shook it, and watched falling the snowflakes around the golden pen, just the moment, Parmis's football dropped onto the desk again, this time, it hit the glass.

The lemonade fell off the desk, and broke with a loud crash. I bit my lip in anger, and turned to the little girl ran into my room. Armis brought such a smile that melted my heart, she said in a low voice, " Oh, Sorry, It is Hafsin's fault, its hit is very hard." I smiled back, " No problem.", and let her take the ball.

I got up from the chair, first I swept the shatter, next I held the snow globe in order to put it in  a safe place, I tried to keep my prize out of my playful children, but it was too late, when I was looking for a good place, the ball threw to me for the third time, and broke my valuable prize.

 I couldn't stand this, I'd like to scream and cry. All at once, Mino emerged in my study and took the ball without apologizing, she drove me badly mad. I went to the window to shout at them, but I couldn't shout, because my cell rang, and I had to answer it. I was so surprised, because someone asked some stupid questions and cut off. I sighed, " Oh, children!"

I knitted my brows and looked at yard from the window, the little girls and Haft-seen were playing football altogether. I yelled at them,"That's enough, that's enough, I'm tired with you!" Haft-seen waved at me, then kicked the ball so hard that I shut my eyes in fright. The ball went up, turned around the house, and landed just on my head, and fell me to the floor, I cried,"Oh, My cell!", it was on the floor, I sat up and checked my cell. Luckily, it was sound and safe. Now, three girls who hid behind the door, poked their heads into the room to check my expression. Armis said,"Aunt is very angry, we'd better forget our ball." Parmis looked at Mino, she shook her head,"Sorry, I won't go."

As I was sure that my cell worked well, I picked the ball up, and tried to burst it with a needle, at this point Haft-Seen stepped in, came directly toward me, and shouted, " Come on, Give back my ball, Mary! give it back me, please."

Its eyes were full of fire, I was so frightened, so I released the ball on floor; I wouldn't like to fight a robot over a ball. Haft-Seen took the ball, walked out of the room, when it passed through the door, it turned around and ordered, " Come on, Write Parmis's Story before I call 911!" then exited. The little girls burst into laughter and kissed their smart robot, I was puzzled though.

I sat back, pen in hand, tried to remember Parmis's adventures:

Well, It was the last week of Esfand, Parmis was getting ready for Nowruz, as Uncle Sergey and Gloria had gone to the moon for their honeymoon, Parmis decided to have a chat with Uncle Larry ....

All The Best



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