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Monday, March 18, 2013

Chaharshanbe Suri

Dear Parmis

    Tomorrow is the night before the last Wednesdays of the year.

    Maybe, you are at home and you’re watching Television, reading a book, eating dinner or maybe you’re sleeping. Suddenly you hear a loud noise, Booooom
What’s happening outside?
    Don’t worry. There is no war and everything is great. It is an Iranian tradition that every year it repeats. Here is Chaharshanbe suri(meaning : Wednesday Festival).
The night before the last Wednesdays of the year is celebrated by Iranians as Chaharshanbe suri. At this night, the light (The good) wins over the darkness (The bad). People go into the streets and alleys to make bonfires and jump over them while singing this song:" Zardi-ye man az to, Sorkhi-ye to az man"(meaning: My yellowness is yours (The fire), yours redness is mine). We believe: yellow= sickness & red=happiness. The fire burns all the fears, in preparation for New Year. We also thank for previous year’s health and happiness.
    The traditions includes serving different kinds of nuts known as “Ajil-e-Moshkel-Gosha” (meaning: problem-solving nuts), run through the street banging on pots and pans with spoons and knocking on doors to ask for treats : “Gashogh-zany”(meaning: spoon beating),…
Although,Chaharshanbe suri was a pretty tradition. Now, it isn’t very beautiful.


    We don’t make bonfires to jump over them, in return some people make tire fires and children are not banging on pots, in return, they make grenades and firecrackers and frighten others. They hurt themselves and others.

    I wouldn’t like to go into the street on Wednesday Festival, I prefer to stay at home and watching a movie and eating The “Ajil-e-Moshkel-Gosha”,maybe our problems and others ones will be dissolved.

   Maybe someday we’ll have a chaharshanbe suri like bygones.

   Best Wishes


The Fire is pretty,I like it.
When I was a child, I loved the Fire, we always went to the behind our house and made the Fire and cooked potatoes.

Now, in return I love Fire fox.


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