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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rich dad,Kind Mom-2

Dear Parmis
   She told me:” what do you want?”  I thought “what I really liked?” I replied:” of course Book, I want a book as the gift”. My mother smiled at me, and then gave my brother some money. We went to the bookstore near my house. Then I bought my favorite book. I really loved it and I was very happy.
   In this way I took my first gift. Of course each year we visited our families and they gave us some money as the gift. One year we (my brother &I) took much money but our father told us that we should save our money so we gave him our money.

  Later, my mother put the Haft sin on the table, so each year we gather around the Haft sin and await the exact moment of arrival of New Year. Then she gives us from her Qur'an a new bill as the gift. Although each year I take gifts more than previous year but I still love my first gift, my mother is in my heart and I'll always  love her. She's the best.

       Best Wishes



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