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Sunday, March 10, 2013

f like Facebook, f like Freedom


  Freedom is great, but we know that we're not free to do anything. We are not free to kill others, or to hurt others,
We know that we should respect rights of others and in return they respect ours.
   But sometimes we feel some rules are not right and we can't respect them, such as 
Some our friends can't like their friends on Facebook here. people like Facebook all over the world then why can't we  like it?
Do you respect our right?
 A small fish like to swim in a small river and a big fish like to swim in the ocean.
We think we are big fish and we love Internet and social networking sites.  

"Today, Facebook can be used not just for bringing in leads, opportunities and sales to your small business, but also as a powerful brand-building tool that’s far more cost-effective than other conventional marketing outlets, such as print and the electronic media (TV).

    Large and growing segments of customers are spending their time on Facebook and large and growing segments of customers are spending their time on Facebook and comparatively less on other media channels.

Market Research Company Nielsen wanted to see what American moms do on Facebook. Their survey revealed that they not just look up the latest product reviews or connect with friends, families, and check on brands, they also influence their friends and family into buying similar products...

    Meanwhile, and eMarketer survey found that the highest number of social network users are not in US or European Union but in Asia-Pacific, where 615, 9 million internet users will log on to social sites by sites by the end of this year (2012)As of December 2011, over 1.2 billion people around the world used social networking sites at least once per month. That represented 23.1% growth over 2010.
Privacy concerns, Facebook now has over half a billion users. What’s more, customers no longer search for services-instead; services find them via social media sites like Facebook!

    Nine out of 10 consumers trust their peers more than marketers, according to a July 2009 survey of more than 25,000 internet consumers in 50 countries conducted by The Nielsen Company.

   Indeed, social media interaction has overtaken porn as the No#1 activity on the web, according to Bill Tancer, a self-confessed “data geek” who analyzed the search habits of over 10 million internet users, recent.
   Just compare the growth of this medium to other, conventional mediums:
It took radio 38 years, television 13 years and the internet just four years to reach 50 million users.

How there are certain Facebook dos and don’t that you must follow

ü Keep your comments fresh and interesting and update your status often, but not very often. If you post too often or make post that no one is interested in, you’ll soon be “hidden” by your friends. Once hidden, it’s difficult to become unhidden.
ü Be very careful to embed some marketing in your comments and push these at your Facebook friends (the list must include clients and prospects) that they won’t mind receiving once in while. Put up wall post perhaps once every few days and /or when important news comes trickling in.
ü Ask your friends to “share” anything you post. Remember that social media are all about you –not your brand or the service/product that you hawk. That comes secondary. The primary element is you.
ü Encourage others to become active members of Facebook and to continue to use it for forging strong personal and business relationship with your targets.

To understand why and how Facebook marketing works consider the following example:
Imagine you have 500 fans and they each in turn have 130 friends (that’s the average claims Facebook)this would add up to 65,000 prospects with whom you could have a business dealing.
Mind you, never has internet advertising been so targeted, so effective, so easy and of course, so economical!"


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